3 Meatless Recipe Ideas you can Try during the Nativity fast

We all know that during the Nativity fast, Lent or whenever it is that we need to abstain from meat, the menu ideas start being a challenge. Of course, there are many people who choose to stay or turn vegetarian and probably they can give you lots of options for food. We asked some of them and thus gathered a bunch of meatless recipe ideas that you might wanna try during the Nativity fast. Keep reading!

  1. Quick & easy appetizer

Potato salad is a great thing to choose if you want to avoid having some sausages or dairy as an appetizer. Plus, we may even call it ‘universal’ as it doesn’t need to correspond with the other meals from the menu. Basically, all you need to do is wash the potatoes and then boil them until soft. Do not peel them before the boiling process! After they are ready, you can take the peel out and cut into cubes. To make the taste even better, we suggest that you add some chopped red onions, parsley, salt and lemon juice. Oh, extra virgin olive oil on top, of course! Mix and enjoy.

potato salad

2. Chick-pea salad

Well, we call it a salad but it can also turn into an amazing meal. Especially if you are kind of skinny as chick-peas are usually considered a heavy food. This is why some people think they are enough to feel site. So, the first step is to boil the legumes until it becomes soft. Then cut some red paprika into slices and mix with the chick-peas. Season with parsley, chopped garlic, salt, lemon juice and again EVOO! This super-fast recipe is ideal for a nice fasting evening. In case you want other chick-pea ideas, read this article.

chick-pea salad

3. Bean soup

What’s better than a hot, flavorful homemade bean soup?! All you need is: beans (of course!), carrot, onion, paprika and herbs like mint, red pepper powder and thyme. As beans are also legumes, they need to be soaked into water for at least 12 hours. After that you can easily boil it in water. It’s very important for you to know that when you cook beans you should put salt in the very end. So, when it’s ready, mix with the vegetables, season with salt, pepper and the herbs. Then cook for 30 more minutes and serve while still hot.

bean soup

What other meatless recipes can you come up with? Drop us your comments down below!

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