Christmas Table Settings: 3 Ways to Turn the ‘Holiday Mode’ On

Candles, garlands, holiday flowers, beautiful tablecloths and colorful napkins…The well-set table is one of the most important things when it comes to Christmas. People gather around it and, let’s be honest here, they spend a lot of time there enjoying the food.

Yes, food is one of the things that bring us good mood during the holiday season. However, the best meal is garnished with a lovely set Christmas table! Without further ado, here’s 3 ways to turn the ‘holiday mode’ on with your table setting:

  1. Traditions vs. self-designing

Some are more into traditions and they strictly follow them by putting lots of meals on the table. If you are more of a “think-outside-of-the-box” person, then you can design it yourself. Give a loose to your imagination and creativity and decorate it however you wish. You can scatter some golden elements around the plates so that it looks shiny. In case you’re a fan of flowers, be sure to place them in the middle of the Christmas table. A great idea is to combine eucalyptus branches or leaves with the traditional alder sticks. It looks amazing!

Christmas eucalyptus branches

2. Surprise the guests

An interesting and yet simple way to surprise your guests is by placing small tree stumps at some visible spots on the table. This is not only original, but it might be practical as well. You can use the stump as a base where you can place some additional plates or glasses. If this is not enough for you, you can always complement the decoration with some nice Christmas balls, candles, cinnamon sticks and other colorful surprises. Let the Christmas magic take over you!

cinnamon sticks

3. Give the final touches

Lots of people tend to ignore cutlery’s role. Be the one to change this and make a good job of every detail. Of course, no one says that you need to go buy new utensils, but you can add some small decorations to make them look more Christmas-like. Use your creative mind and let loose. Last but not least, the tablecloth is not less important at all! Of course, if your table is made of massive wood, then it’s even better to leave it like this. It will be so authentic!

Christmas cutlery

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