3 Myths about Bread for a New Perspective – Part 2

There’s this famous quote: Here is bread, which strengthens man’s heart and therefore is called the staff of Life.” It, indeed, is a Holy food that we need to respect and always strive for!

Do you remember last time we talked about some of the myths about bread and its uses? If you happened to miss this article, be sure to click here and check it out right away. 

Without further ado, let’s go ahead and go over some more myths that we should keep away from. Stay until the end!

  • “I think that white bread is much unhealthier than the whole-grain one and this is why I avoid it.”

So, where’s the truth here?! Of course, both types of bread differ from each other. When it comes to nutritional value, content, carbs and calories – we can definitely tell them apart.

However, the fact that they have differences does not make one type better than the other. As a matter of fact, what’s important here is the way you make the bread. For example, whole-grain bread made with bad ingredients may be much worse than a white one with sourdough. So, it’s always a matter of choice and a little bit of measure.

  • “I believe bread with yeast forms gas and because of that I will get it out of my menu.”

Okay, first of all, any type of bread can cause bloating and wind. (Yeah, funny wind!) Its light carbohydrates get in touch with our intestine bacteria and thus can result in gas.

Did you know, though, that this condition is not actually incidental to everyone? It turns out that people who have overgrowth of bacteria within their stomach are more prone to such an issue. For example, those with diabetes or obesity are very likely to get gas when eating bread.

  • “I’ve heard that toasts make digestion struggle and therefore cause a lot of discomfort in the stomach.”

As you know “somewhere between lies and truth, lies the truth”! So, it is actually a well-known fact that toasted bread takes a bit longer to be absorbed and digested. What’s more, it can lead to reflux, which is another bad condition we wouldn’t want to experience.

On the other hand, if you do not go too far with toasts, they can’t actually do any harm. For example, in case you eat 5 toasts every day, it will most probably get you in some trouble at a certain point. But if you stick to just a couple of toasted slices a week, you will be able to enjoy the crunchiness and not feel any discomfort at all. Moderation is the Mother of all!

Always remember that bread goes probably to the highest point of culinary art, so it’s good for us to use it correctly. Put some thought and passion when choosing your way of eating. And last but not least – don’t forget to enjoy food!

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