Tsiknopempti ( Fat day or Barbeque Day )

Have you ever wondered what Tsiknopempti is and what it symbolizes?

Swan Thursday is a holiday of the Orthodox tradition in which large quantities of meat are consumed. It takes place on Thursday, due to the fact that Wednesday and Friday are "fasting days", of the second week of Carnival , the so-called Creatine. This is preceded by the first week in a row, the Pronunciation, and follows the third week of Tyrophagus. It takes place a few days before the beginning of the great fast of Lent

The smell of "tsikna", which is none other than the well-known smell of cooked meat, has given the name Tsiknopempti .

According to the Orthodox tradition, in anticipation of the Lent fast and respecting the fasts of Wednesday and Friday, Swan Thursday was placed between, as a day of relaxation with "tingling" and rambling. The name came as this Thursday, according to tradition, in many parts of Greece, they melted the fat from the pork, while groups gathered in the houses to cook meat, that is, to shred it. The diffuse smell of the gizzard in all the houses that could afford to buy meat, led to it being named Tsikno-Thursday.

The origin of the custom probably dates back to the Bacchic festivals of the ancient Greeks, but also of the Romans, who survived in variations up to the Christian years. Eating and drinking a lot, typical of this day, are reminiscent of practices related to the euphoria of the earth and which, when combined with the Christian tradition, mean the preparation for Lent.

In the past, in addition to grumbling, the "ritual" required disguise and teasing. In the villages, people went from house to house in groups, knocking on the doors of acquaintances and strangers, asking for treats and wine, which were consumed in abundance along the way, demanding that housewives leave their homes and follow the cheerful company.


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