3 Puff Pastry Desserts that Are Definitely Worth it

Remember last time we offered you some salty recipes to surprise your family with? Check them out here in case you’ve missed the article. So, the point is, puff pastry is so universal! It goes well with both sweet and salty ideas so we suppose this time desserts should be the main hero. Here are 3 puff pastry sweet recipes that are definitely worth the try… In fact, they are pretty easy to make, so you have nothing left than just enjoy!
  1. Sweet puff pastry baskets
Good news is these little baskets are enough for you to get the most out of the dessert. However, they are not so big either, which makes them the perfect thing, if you want to avoid sugar overdose! Products: Puff pastry (of course!) Fruits (for decoration) for the cream: 300ml milk 50g flour 2x eggs Sugar Butter Vanilla Powdered sugar puff pastry baskets Hint: you may choose not to stick to this cream recipe, which is absolutely fine. Cook whichever cream you love and you will have your favourite puff pastry baskets! So, start by cutting off small triangles out of the pastry and enclose them with a slice of dough on the sides. The idea is to get a nice little basket. Then bake the baskets first while preparing the cream. For the cream heat the milk up and mix it with vanilla, sugar, flour and two egg yolks. Make sure to stir all the time so that it doesn’t start boiling. Separately, make a buttercream from the butter and the powdered sugar. When the milk cream is chilled, combine it with the buttercream and use this tasty mixture to fill the baskets. When ready, decorate with some small fruits like berries and serve!
  1. Puff pastry sun
The sun is rising, this time in a dough-form! This simple recipe is ideal for brunch or as a late afternoon snack with the tea. Always makes people smile! Products: 800g puff pastry 3-4tbsp chocolate spread Milk Powdered sugar puff pastry sun Take two puff pastry sheets and roll them out. Cut out two circular shaped forms with about 28cm in diameter. Spread the chocolate over the first dough shape. Be sure to leave around 1cm uncovered at the end of the circle. You should brush some water over this empty area instead. Place the second ring on top of the chocolate one. Use your fingers to stick both shapes by pressing over the 1cm space that you left. Put a glass in the middle of the ‘sun’ and then with a sharp knife cut it into 32 sections. To make a really nice effect, grab each ‘sunlight’ and wrap two times in one direction. Take a brush and spread some milk all over the dessert. Then sprinkle powdered sugar on the very top and you’re ready to bake. Cook at 200C° until it has a nice “sunburn”. Enjoy!
  1. Cinnamon puff pastry sweets
“One, two, three” and the cinnamon sweets are ready. “One, two…” and the cinnamon sweets are gone! In a little more than half an hour you can get the best flavorful dessert that your family could ever ask for. Let’s get down to work! Products: 400g puff pastry 4tbsp brown sugar ½ tsp cinnamon 50g walnuts, crushed 5x dates puff pastry cinnamon rolls The first step is to flatten the puff pastry out. Leave it aside. In the meantime, take a big bowl and mix all the other ingredients very well. Spread this mixture over the pastry and then roll it back in. You should end up with a tight roll. Cut the dessert into 1-centimeter rings. Take a large baking dish and cover it with parchment paper. Place all the rings inside by making sure there is enough space between them. Bake at medium heat in the oven until they get a nice golden color. That’s all! Which of these is your favorite recipe? Share with us in the comment section! Also, don’t forget that we have all products that you might need on our e-store. Click here to shop by category!


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