3 Quick & Easy Easter Jam Recipes that Will Save the Day

“Faith makes all things possible…Love makes all things easy.” We would also say: believe in the Easter spirit, love the holidays! Christmas isn’t the only time of the year when you feel a bit more blessed, is it? As we all know, holidays are great but most housewives associate them with lots of work at home, cooking and other responsibilities. Well, it doesn’t have to be this way forever, though! You can always turn to something quick and easy that can spare your time. Like those amazing Easter jam recipes, for example!
  1. Apricot jam roll
What’s not to love about sweet rolls?! The recipe is super-fast, requires just a couple of products and tastes simply delicious. Literally in 25-30 minutes you will have the best dessert to serve at the holiday table. Let’s get this started! Products: 3x eggs 150g flour 2tsp baking powder 50ml milk 150g sugar 290-300g apricot jam apricot jam roll Begin by preheating the oven at 150C°. Then whisk the eggs with the sugar until cloudy. Start gradually adding the pre-strained flour with the baking powder. Stir well and after that add the milk. Mix everything until smooth. Grease a 30x40 baking pan and pour the mixture inside. Bake for about 10 minutes. While the layer is still hot, sprinkle sugar on top so that it can melt and caramelize. Then use your apricot jam to spread all over the dessert and start forming a roll. Decorate with some Easter-like elements by choice. Bon appetite!
  1. Jelly cheesecake with marmalade
This recipe is another great one to try for the holiday feast. It’s ready in no time and is big enough so that you can treat all your guests. Products: 1 cup water (for the gelatin) 4x gelatin packs 1 jar strawberry marmalade/jam 1x package cocoa biscuits 100g butter 6tbsp powdered sugar 2 jars yoghurt 50-60ml water, lukewarm jelly cheesecake with marmalade Crush the biscuits and mix with melted butter and lukewarm water. Stir until it becomes thick. In case you poured more water, add some more biscuits. Then put this ‘dough’ in a cake form and distribute over the bottom. Leave in the fridge for 30 min to 1 hour. Meanwhile, start preparing the milk mixture. Take a big bowl and put all the yoghurt inside. Whisk with a fork or a spoon. Add the powdered sugar and mix well again. Take 2 packages of gelatin and dissolve them in some water. Wait for 5-10 minutes so they can rise. After that cook them using a water bath and add the gelatin to the milk mixture. When everything is well combined, pour on top of the cooled base. Refrigerate for another hour or so. When the base is hard enough, make the topping. In a bowl put all the marmalade you got. Add the other 2 packages of gelatin that you’ve heated using a water bath in advance. Stir well and pour the mixture on top of the cake. Take it back to the fridge one last time so it can all harden. Serve and enjoy!
  1. Easter jam cake
“Happiness is knowing there is cake in the oven.” So, what would Easter be without a flavorful cake for the family!? Plus, it’s easy, fast and super tasty. Let’s get down to work! Products: 2-3x eggs 1 cup sugar 1 cup yoghurt 2 cups flour ½ cup oil 1x baking powder 290-300g cherry jam (or other fruit jam) Vanilla Easter jam cake Beat the eggs and the sugar. Then mix with the yoghurt, oil and the flour with the baking powder and vanilla. Grease and flour a baking pot and pour half of the mixture inside. Bake for 15 minutes in preheated at 200C° oven. When it’s ready, take the cake layer out and spread the whole cherry jam on top. Cover with the rest of the cake mixture and bake for additional 10-15 minutes (only on top). Take out of the oven and quickly sprinkle with powdered sugar. The caramel effect is amazing! So, how would you prefer to spend your Easter holiday? Don’t forget to share with us in the comments! In the meantime, browse our Marmalades and jams as you click here!


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