Think GreeK, Eat Gyros – 5 Facts about this Popular Food

“You know you’re not Greek when you pronounce Gyros ‘jighros’ instead of ‘yeeros’.” It’s actually true that despite being so popular all around the world, non-native speakers often mispronounce the word gyros. This is because many people still don’t know that there’s no letter G in Greek language. Wanna learn more interesting facts about gyros? Keep on reading!
  • So, γύρος is a traditional food that Greeks adore and really respect. In fact, it’s mostly associated as “street food” because you can find it literally everywhere around the cities.
  • Did you know that the word ‘gyro’ means ‘turn’ in Greek. It’s probably where the cooking technique comes from!
  • Basically, gyros combine all necessary products for a decent meal in one place. The dish contains meat (normally veal, pork, chicken or beef) that’s cooked on a vertical spit. In case you haven’t seen such a ‘cooking tool’, it’s a real fact and it’s actually quite attractive. Especially for the tourists!
gyros preparation So, chefs are cooking the meat that’s constantly spinning and they cut it off in the meantime. Then they wrap it in a traditional pita bread, complement it with some other delicious stuff and voila! You’ve got everything you need for a nice meal.
  • Of course, there are all types of variations on the market. For example, except for the basic gyros pita (meat wrapped in bread), there is also the so called gyros merida. In general, it’s the same thing but served differently. People always put Gyros merida in a plate where all the ‘filling’ stays separately from the pita bread. gyros merida
  • Some would ask what the actual difference between these two is. Well, gyros pita normally comes in one size – BIG! This is why a single portion is most likely gonna get you site for a long time. On the other hand, gyros merida is usually even bigger. People serve it with more meat and more French fries. So, in case it’s two or three of you, you might wanna share a gyros merida meal!
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