3 Reasons why Wine can Give you a Headache

All of you, wine (especially red!) lovers, know what this article is all gonna be about, right? This special beverage is a true pleasure to the senses, but sometimes drinking wine doesn’t end up well. Many people complain about horrible headaches the day after the ‘wine party’. Why is that?! The most common belief is that the sulfites that are present in wine are the 'bad guys'. But are they really the ones to blame? Keep reading to find out!
  1. Tannins
These molecules are said to be responsible for the bitterness that comes out of wine tasting. Actually, they are the famous antioxidants, which hide inside the grape’s membrane and seeds. What they do is to make your mouth dry up after a swig. All in all, specialists say that tannins don’t cause headache by theirselves. It turns out that lots of people are super sensitive to these molecules, though.
  1. Histamines
Ever heard of these chemicals? Probably the answer is “yes”, but you might not know they can be another reason for those ‘wine headaches’. So, histamines are released by some allergic reactions and may cause sniffles, dry eyes and headache. Such chemicals can be mostly found in mellow food and drinks (like wine). Does it ring a bell now?
  1. Sugar
You probably didn’t expect this one, huh! However strange (or maybe not!) it may seem alcohol and sugar isn’t the best combo ever. This means when you drink wine, you shouldn’t forget about having a glass of water by its side. By doing this simple procedure you’ll prevent yourself from dehydration. Great! wine intolerance triggers Hey, it’s all up to the limits, after all! You can always enjoy your glass of wine in moderate amounts. And, don’t forget that “the splitting headache we’ll have tomorrow will be totally worth it.” 6 Reasons Why you Blueberries Are a Must 4 Reasons Why you Should Take a Spoonful of Olive Oil Every Day How to Become an Expert: 4 Golden Rules about Wine Tasting


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