7 Facts about Cream you Might be Interested to Learn

“You can’t buy happiness but you can buy ice cream and that is pretty much the same thing.” And what is ice cream made of? Mainly cream, of course! So, do you know that cream is actually full of vitamins A, B, D and E plus lots of minerals as well? Indeed it is. That’s why we can’t be pretty sure it goes in the ‘unhealthy’ chart… Here’s 7 interesting facts about this tasty product that you might wanna know:
  1. Cream is one of the most favorite things of the British.
They actually call it Clotted Cream and most people use it for breakfast. It’s also part of some special occasions even at the Buckingham Palace (wow!). clotted cream
  1. It has something in common with weddings. What is it?
Well, although it may sound strange, it’s a common fact that people compare cream with the bride’s white dress.
  1. Cream is not only a part of the cookery.
It turns out that while many of us use cream to cook, there are people who use it as a cosmetic product. A cream face mask…sounds tasty, doesn’t it?!
  1. It’s even said to be healthy!
You probably didn’t expect that, right? As a matter of fact, scientific data proves that cream can prevent from atherosclerosis. That’s because it’s rich in vegetable oils and lecithin.
  1. It’s universal.
If you’re a keen cook, you probably know that cream isn’t necessarily an ingredient for desserts. Yes, in the world culinary this product is mostly associated with sweets like cakes and ice cream. However, it can be a great supplement to soups, salads, appetizers and many other specialties. cooking with cream
  1. You can’t actually whip sour cream.
Well, you might try, of course. However, you better not do so, because sour cream tends to have a different texture.
  1. It’s all about the fat content.
Did you know that when the cream is over 30% fat, it’s suitable for whipping? What’s more, if it’s more than 50-60%, it might turn into a wonderful fluffy cream in the end. Be careful, though, as it happens to be quite heavy as food. Browse our website for all kinds of food and drinks by category as you click here! Hey, and don’t forget to share with family and friends! 3 Things you Need to Know about Sun-Dried Tomatoes (+ Quick & Easy Recipe) How to Make the Best Muffins: 6 Easy Tips – Part 2


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