3 Things you Need to Know about Sun-Dried Tomatoes (+ Quick & Easy Recipe)

Sun-dried tomatoes are not something most housewives are unfamiliar with anymore. In fact, these fruits are very often present in the kitchen and the best thing about them is you can find them yearly. However, we can’t question the fact that they taste the best during the summer! So, what’s so much to love about sun-dried tomatoes?! Well, most people enjoy them not only for their intense cherry red color, but also for their specific sweetish taste that pleases the palate. Some of the basic stuff we all need to know about those tasty fruits are:
  1. What can we cook with sun-dried tomatoes?
It’s all up to you, actually. However, they make the perfect match with lots of salads and appetizers. You can make a simple salad using spinach, arugula, avocado and dried tomatoes. Yummy! What’s more, you can cook some crunchy bruschetti with olives, feta and sun-dried tomatoes. Trust us, it’ll definitely be a real treat for all your family and friends! sun-dried tomatoes salad
  1. Which tomatoes are most appropriate?
To be honest, the best tomatoes for drying are the pulpier ones, which have less seeds and less water content. They should be hard to touch, ripe and about the same in size.
  1. How to make sun-dried tomatoes?
Of course, it all starts with some good wash and cutting into the preferable pieces. Then place them over a baking sheet with the peel pointing downwards. If you wish you can sprinkle some oregano, basil and garlic on top but you can also skip this part. Switch on the oven fan at temperature no more than 50C° and leave the fruits for 24 hours. Remember: the bigger the tomatoes, the more time it takes for them to dry. From 2 kilos of tomatoes you’ll roughly have about 200-250g of dried tomatoes. And now, it’s time for cooking! Here’s our all-time favorite sun-dried tomato pesto recipe: Products: 150g sun-dried tomatoes 400g cashew nuts 2 cloves of garlic 3tbsp olive oil Salt Blend the sun-dried tomatoes together with the raw cashews, the garlic, the olive oil and the salt. It should all turn into a smooth, homogenous, thick paste. This quick and easy pesto is the perfect thing for your morning toasted bread or for whatever you like! sun-dried tomato pesto Don’t have time to make homemade sun-dried tomatoes? No worries! Check out our Greek sun-dried tomatoes that have literally been dried under the sun. Click here to shop! 2 Filo Pastry recipes you Can Cook at home Today 3 Uncommon Questions about Beer that you Wouldn’t hear Often 5 Things in Chocolate we should be Thankful for


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