4 Science-Based Health benefits of Coffee

“It’s that time of the year when some people will say it’s too hot for coffee. These people do not understand coffee and they are not to be trusted!” Remember this quote next time you’re wondering whether to drink coffee, or not. It turns out that scientific researchers find coffee to be a great addition to our menu. So, let’s see what makes it so special, shall we?
  1. Helps burn extra fat
Did you know that caffeine is present in almost any kind of food supplement designed for fat burn? The reason is that caffeine has quick effects on fat burning. Some researches show that this natural stimulant can increase metabolism with up to 11%. However, you might not feel the true effects, if you drink coffee all the time.
  1. Increases energy
There’s nothing surprising here, right? We all know how coffee affects us. Of course, it’s individual but for most of us it’s all about getting more energized and feeling less tired. That’s because of caffeine, again! When you drink coffee, it goes into the blood and then straight into the brain. That’s why lots of scientists say the beverage can improve the memory, mood, energy levels and cognitive functions.
  1. Helps for overtraining
Once in the human brain, caffeine can increase the adrenalin levels. What it also does is to dissolve the body fat, release it in the blood as free fatty acids and turn them into a ‘fuel’ for the organism. Having in mind all these, coffee can probably improve your physical indicators with around 11-12%. For that very reason you could gulp down a cup of coffee half an hour before you head for the gym. coffee makes us happy
  1. Makes you happier
Here’s a life tip: “You can’t make everyone happy. You’re not coffee.” Nowadays depression is a serious matter and we’re not saying coffee can heal it, but it can definitely help from time to time. A 2011 Harvard University research shows that women who drink 4 or more cups of coffee per day have 20% less risk of depression. Isn’t this a cool fact we can’t dismiss?! Expect more about coffee and its science-based health benefits in some of our next posts! Follow us on Facebook to keep up with the news and other interesting content like: 10 Reasons why Tangerines are Great during the Summer How to Drink Water the Right Way – 6 Tips for the Best ‘Water Time’ Himalayan Salt – 4 Reasons why it’s a Powerful Ally


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