3 Things you Probably don’t Know about Capers

Also known as Flinders rose, capers are the green buds of Capparis spinosa. Of course, they come from the Mediterranean lands. There’s even a theory that the word ‘caper’ has something to do with the Greek name of Cyprus , an island country in Greece. We think these edible ‘buds’ deserve some attention! Let’s see 3 things that prove that:
  1. Origin
Capers’ aroma is similar to the one of mustard and the taste is a little spicy. Their harvesting takes a lot of effort, which explains their high price on the market. The most expensive ones are from the Greek island of Santorini. They are most notable for their intense flavor.
  1. Culinary uses
After being picked, capers are usually sun-dried and then marinated in vinegar, wine and brine for 3 months. That’s how they get their dark green color and thick texture. This makes them resemble the popular green olives, which explains why they’re good for salads, sauces, pasta, vegetables and all kinds of meat dishes.
  1. Health benefits
The lack of heat treatment preserves all beneficial substances in capers. Great! They are super rich in proteins, vitamin C, fibers, iodine, unsaturated fats and organic acids. That automatically turns them into a remedy for wounds, toothache, heart problems, thyroid dysfunction, etc. Remember: Capers are not recommended for people with kidney-, gallbladder- or liver diseases! capers health benefits Expect other interesting topics about the special capers soon! In the meantime, check out the rest of our blog for foods that interest you! What is Greek Fava? (+ an Easy Recipe for you to Enjoy it) 4 Quick & Delicious Pita Bread Pizza Ideas 4 Types of Greek Cheese you will fall in Love with!


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