8 Interesting Facts about Tomatoes

“A fruit or a vegetable?” – that’s the question! Most of us know tomatoes as vegetables, but the truth is they are not! The “golden apple” (from Italian) is actually a fruit. In fact, this dilemma was once so widely spread that it even got to the court where the judges have stated that although fruits, tomatoes should be considered vegetables from then on! We dedicate today's topic to 8 interesting facts about the popular….food:
  1. In 17th century the British thought that tomatoes were poisonous. This strange idea lasted until the 18th century when tomatoes became a main thing on the menu.
  2. You like tomatoes raw? Let me tell you that heat treatment (be careful here!) increases the healthy properties of tomatoes!
  3. Here’s a health fact – lycopene, the carotenoid in tomatoes that gives the red color, may be very effective against various cancers.
  4. Do you have copper jewelry? Now you can try cleaning it with some tomato sauce as the salt and the acid in tomatoes are great cleaning agents!
dried tomatoes
  1. Don’t think too much when it comes to dried tomatoes. Not only they are super tasty, but they never tend to lose their essential characteristics!
  2. Did you know that almost 95% of tomato’s weight is actually water?
  3. There are over 10 000 sorts of tomatoes and all of them are extremely good for the health! They contain a lot of antioxidants, vitamins from the B group, potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium, iron, you name it!
  4. You drank too much last night? Give yourself a Bloody Mary. No joke here! The tomato sauce in the cocktail is full of vitamins, so go for it.
Bloody Mary You know what people say: “Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.” We’ve made the first step here, now it’s your turn to use tomatoes wisely! Don’t forget to check out our variety of tomato products by category on the food section! How is Halloumi made? (Bonus: A Quick and Delicious way to enjoy it!) Meet the Greek Souvlaki! 4 Greek Breakfasts that are Worth Trying!


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