3 Tips For the Perfect Greek Pie (+Quick & Easy Recipe)

Making a fluffy Greek pie (or pastry) is always a great challenge that most housewives face. Even if you are a true master in the kitchen there’s a chance for you to make a mistake. However, there are some little secrets that stay behind the perfect meal. Do you know which they are? Let’s find out!
  1. The baking dish
“What about it?!”, you may ask. Well, we have to say that what you put your food into is also very important! Here’s what we’re talking about: the baking dish that you use to bake your pie should always be smaller than the filo pastry sheets (even if you cut them in half). This way you’ll be able to fold the sheets more times and thus let the (cheese, meat, spinach or whatever) filling rise freely within the slits.
  1. The filo pastry sheets
Truth is, most of the times we blame the filo pastry’s low quality for our failure in the kitchen. Well, although it’s up to your cooking skills, the products’ quality can also be a reason for bad results. What you have to look for is for the filo pastry sheets not to be too thin. On the contrary, you better get the thicker ones. The results won't dissapoint you!
  1. Baking soda
We all know what soda’s effect is, right? Baking soda will make your bread, batter (or whatever) rise immediately. So, when making a pie with filo pastry sheets you should definitely use some soda. For best results put it into the yoghurt (most recipes include it) and wait for it to rise. That’s how your dish will turn into a flavorful fluffy pie after you bake it. Here’s our suggestion for a quick and easy Cheese pastry recipe: Products: 400g filo pastry 4 eggs 400g yoghurt 300g cheese ¾ cup of olive oil 1tbsp baking soda greek cheese pie Let’s make the stuffing first! Do the trick with the yoghurt and soda and leave aside for a moment. Meanwhile, whisk the eggs together with the other ingredients and then add the yoghurt and soda mixture. You should have a homogenous mixture in the end. Grease a baking dish (smaller than the sheets, right?!) with olive oil and place 1-2 filo pastry sheets on top. Then put some filling and a couple of olive oil drops. Go on with the same process and finish the meal with 1-2 layers of sheets. Make sure to fully grease with oil the sheet that’s on top and cut with a sharp knife into pieces. This way the pie will be evenly baked and you will be able to cut it much easier when ready. Bake in preheated oven at 200°C for about 30 minutes or until it turns golden. After that cover with a cotton towel and let it cool down a bit. Bon appetite! Would you like to try this recipe? Drop us some comments down below! Don’t forget to buy your filo pastry sheets as you click here!


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