8 Uncommon Facts about Coffee – Part 2

Coffee is the most popular beverage on Earth. That’s a fact! Did you actually know that 85% of the world’s population drinks coffee and the number is constantly rising? According to the statistics everyday people use more than 2 billion cups of coffee. How about that?! In the following article we’ll continue our topic on some of the most surprising facts about the famous drink. By the way, if you wanna catch up with the news from Part 1, check it out here. So, here’s 8 uncommon coffee facts that’ll make you love it even more:
  1. However surprising as it may seem, coffee can help you get rid of the extra weight. Yes, it can! Recent data shows that caffeine consumption can increase the metabolism with up to 11%. In fact, it’s one of the few natural chemical substances that can help you lose weight.
  2. Do you remember how long it takes for the coffee to affect the organism? Actually, the whole effect comes from the tiny 0,0016-inch crystals of caffeine that go into the body. That’s right - caffeine is a crystal!
  3. Last time we mentioned that moderate use of coffee can be good for the health, right? What we can add here is that the drink might actually be beneficial to the liver. So, go grab your cup of coffee now!
  4. In addition to the previous point, caffeine is also thought to improve the results of athletes. That’s because the active substance in coffee increases the adrenalin levels in the blood which leads to better physical endurance.
  5. Did you know that a coffee tree can be up to 9 meters high?! However, as this would make harvesting very difficult today people let them grow no more than 3 meters. Coffee beans on trees
  6. These colorful little fruits you see on the picture are nothing else but what coffee looked like before it ended up in your mug. For the record, a single tree usually bears less than 500g of fruits per year and lives for around 60-70 years.
  7. As a matter of fact, you can store the green coffee beans in dry and cool places for a whole year without them losing their gustatory properties. That’s because they are not roasted. On the contrary, roasted ones tend to lose their aroma and taste very fast.
  8. Back in 1675 the British king Charles II forbade all coffee houses in England. Why? Well, he thought that people who gathered there used to conspire against him. Coffee definitely has something in common with history, huh!?
Do you like reading about coffee? If so, we will make sure to post more of these in the future. Check out our 100% Organic Coffee as you click here!


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