4 Alternative Uses of Wine that Can Save your Day

Without any doubt, wine is probably one of the best drinks to share with a good company and lots of laughter. By now we have always focused on things like its health benefits, usage or interesting facts that go along with wine. However, today we’re going in a rather different direction. Stay till the end to know more! It turns out that this godlike beverage can not only be a perfect health booster, but it can also be of use at home. What do we mean? Well, check out those 4 alternative uses of wine and you will get it:
  1. Get rid of stains
In fact, life experience has shown us that wine can be great against all kinds of grease stains, but also for…wine stains. If you happen to spill a glass of, let’s say, red wine over your carpet, don’t panic! The easiest way to clean that up is by treating it with white wine. How clever, huh?! It turns out its high acidity is able to get the stain away. spilled wine treatment So, if you have a wet spot of grease over your shirt, for example, you’ll have to sacrifice a few drops of wine. Spill some on top of the dirty part and let it stay for a few minutes. Rub and wash and you’ll see there’s nothing left.
  1. Let loose in the garden
A lot of garden lovers may not know this, but wine may actually be quite beneficial for the bushes and flowers. Let’s say you want to activate the formation of healthy bacteria and increase your seedlings’ growth. Then you can “let loose in the garden” and sprinkle some drops of red wine over the soil. It will most likely do magic!
  1. Clean glass
No matter how much we all love wine, there’s hardly any person who doesn’t have at least one bottle of vapid wine at home. If that’s the case, make sure not to throw it in the bin! Always remember that things can be of use one way or another. So, wine is said to be a very good alternative to the classic glass detergents. You can use some to soak a piece of cloth and clean your windows, for example. glass cleaning with wine
  1. Disinfect the fruits
Especially in times like these when nothing is bright and clear in terms of safety, it’s always a good idea to disinfect your stuff. Whether it’s the doors’ handles or the fruits you’re gonna eat, it doesn’t really matter. Because the food might have been touched by who-knows-who back in the supermarket, after all! Now that’s why you should always have a bunch of wine bottles in the kitchen…Just in case! Tell us more about how you use wine alternatively! Or do you prefer to stick to the basic usage? After you drop us your comment, be sure to check out our wine selection as you click here!


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