Tomato Paste: 3 Quick & Easy-to-Follow Recipes for Any Time of the Day

“ – How do you fix a broken tomato? - Tomato paste!” But of course! Tomatoes are actually acceptable in all forms and shapes. Just think about it. Who doesn’t like ketchup, tomato sauce or sliced tomatoes with a piece of mozzarella cheese on top? However they are served, these amazing fruits (yes, read this if you don’t believe it!) are quite universal. Whether you don’t have much time to cook, or you don’t want to spend it in the kitchen, we offer you a quick solution. Here’s 3 easy-to-follow recipes that you can try at any time of the day!
  1. Eggs in tomato paste
Products: 800g tomato paste Onion 1x red paprika 4x garlic cloves 6x eggs Cheese Parsley Salt, black and red pepper eggs with tomato paste Firstly, cut the onion and the paprika and fry in hot oil. Add the tomato paste and the chopped garlic, season and cook. After the sauce becomes thick, lower the heat and spread some cheese on top. Stir well. Use a spoon to form a couple of “nests” and tap the eggs there. Cover with a lid and continue cooking for another 7-8 minutes or so. Bon appetite!
  1. Homemade macaroni
Products: 1x macaroni, package 500g minced meat 300ml tomato paste 1x onion 2-3x mushrooms 300g cheese 200g ham Salt, black pepper, red pepper, savory macaroni with tomato paste Start by boiling the pasta. In the meantime, chop the veggies and fry them until they turn golden. Add the meat and cook again. After that pour tomato paste, season with the herbs and spices and stir. Time to combine all products! Mix the macaroni together with the sauce, then spread ham and cheese on top. Bake at 200C° for about 15 minutes or until the cheese melts. Voila!
  1. Vegetarian pizza
Products: 3tbsp tomato paste Bacon Onion 6-7x mushrooms Basil, oregano Extra virgin olive oil pizza with tomato paste There are thousands of pizza recipes! All you need to have is a bunch of quality products, good mood, a nice glass of wine and lots of inspiration. You can always make your own pizza dough and decorate it with the products we’ve chosen today. However, for a quick and very, very easy way to prepare the dinner, why don’t you try out these pita bread pizza ideas? Don’t forget to put the tomato paste, of course! What is your favourite recipe that includes tomato paste? Drop us a note in the comment section down below! Meanwhile, check out our food store and choose from all kinds of tasty products by categories! Click here to shop! 2 Exotic Chicken Recipes you (probably) haven’t Tried – Part 2 Balkan Culinary Battle: 3 Countries and Their Meatball Battles 5 Pieces of Advice for cooking Bacon (+ some curious Facts)


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