4 Best Alternatives to White Sugar that are Cool & Tasty!

We live in a modern world where sugar isn’t the star anymore. People are more into healthy lifestyle, regular physical activity, positive thoughts and (last but not least!) healthy food. There’s no doubt sugar can be dangerous especially when you’re ‘rewarding’ yourself too often. What nutritionists suggest is 50-60g of sugar per day for adults and around 40g for children. So, do you fall into this sweet sin regularly? Even if you do, we’ve prepared for you 4 healthy alternatives of white sugar that you’ll fall in love with!
  1. Honey
Of course, how predictable! We can’t miss to talk about it, though. In fact, it’s the oldest type of sweetener and it definitely tastes like heaven. Although honey contains more calories, studies show that we’re likely to use less of it because it’s much sweeter than sugar itself. What’s more, the healthy properties of honey are countless as it’s full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes and probiotic bacteria. Plus, the bee product is said to have lower glycemic index than sugar. Hurray!
  1. Coconut sugar
Really? Coconut sugar is made of coconut palm sap – the fluid of the coconut plant. You can find it in any forms – as a soft paste, dried bars, you name it. The fact that it’s so popular today makes it an incredible substitute for white sugar. And again, it has low glycemic index and might be appropriate for diabetic patients. coconut sugar
  1. Stevia
If you’re already familiar with this product, then you probably know it’s a sweet herb which contains no calories. People used stevia to sweeten their tea, coffee or other drinks even in the ancient times. Today its uses have been so widespread that even big beverage companies started adding it as a main ingredient. Do you remember what we’re talking about? Maybe this article will help you. stevia
  1. Cinnamon
Some people adore the smell and taste of this godlike spice! It’s said that cinnamon may reduce the bad cholesterol and stop lots of bad bacteria from entering the body. Hey, in case you’re still a fan of white sugar, no worries! Remember that “the right dose differentiates a poison from a remedy”. So, eat what you like – just do it the right way! By the way, check out our Food section where you’ll find honey, biscuits with no sugar and lots of other tasty stuff. Click here to shop! 6 Facts about the Greek White Wine Retsina All you Need to Know about St. John’s Wort (+A Curative Recipe) 5 Pieces of Advice for cooking Bacon (+ some curious Facts)


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