4 of the Best types of Meat you Can afford to Eat

“Nothing brings people together like good food…”, right? And by ‘good food’ we don’t mean just delicious. It’s supposed to give us power and essential vitamins, proteins and minerals as well. What should it be, then?! How about some meat? Don’t forget that “not eating meat is a decision, eating meat is an instinct”. So, let’s see 4 of the healthiest meats that are definitely gonna give you what you need:
  1. Venison
Deer’s meet isn’t greasy at all, if you’re thinking otherwise! It’s actually said to be super healthy as it’s rich in a bunch of minerals and vitamins. Hey, did you know you can even consume it raw without worrying about parasites? Indeed you can. Meat specialists say venison is absorbed by the body much faster than pork, veal or chicken. Plus, if you eat it often, you might have lower risk of diabetes, hypertonia or cardiovascular diseases.
  1. Pork
Okay, we know pork’s reputation isn’t good enough. However, that’s quite exaggerated, in our opinion (and not only!). According some nutritionists the healthiest part of pig’s meat is the fillet. In case you know how to prepare it right, pork wouldn’t give in before chicken when it comes to healthy properties. The only exception here would be pork from farms that use hormones for their animals. We don’t suggest buying from them!
  1. Goat meat
This type of meat is known for its delicate structure, light taste and minimum amount of fat. Because of its low-calorie content people say it should be part of most diet plans. Goat’s meat is also said to be rich in iron and lots of powerful antioxidants. What’s more, it contains hardly any cholesterol, which makes it ‘the best’ product for the elderly.
  1. Lamb
The truth is, many people tend to avoid lamb because it’s said to be one of the greasiest meats. Of course, it does have fat in it! The fat content is thought to be much less than the one in pork, though. On the other hand, lamb is super rich in lecithin - a substance responsible for normalizing the cholesterol levels. Which is your favorite type of meat that you like to share with all your family and friends? Drop us some comments and let’s discuss! Meanwhile, browse our meat sorts by category as you click here!


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