4 Types of Cream that Can Turn your Recipe into a Wonderful Meal

What would you say, if we tell you that the fattiest cream of them all comes from the U.S.? Why not, right?! As a matter of fact, American ‘extra thick double cream’ reaches the astounding 55% fat. If we managed to surprise you with this one, check out more interesting stuff about cream here! Anyways, this product is so universal that it definitely deserves our attention. Plus, knowing that cream can be a part both of salty and sweet recipes, it’s good to know what types you can actually find on the market. So, without further ado, here they are:
  1. Sour cream
Do you know where the name comes from? Well, this dairy product contains lactic acid bacteria, which (by fermenting) has the tendency to sour and thicken the cream itself. It usually has around 20 to 25% milk fat and people often use it to settle soups or as a glaze for cakes and other sweets.
  1. Milk cream
Who doesn’t love this one, huh!? The sweet liquid version of this cream is basically like milk’s brother/sister. Seriously, you can almost confuse them. That’s why many of us like to garnish the favourite cup of coffee with it. Yummy! milk cream
  1. Plant-based cream
This ‘veggie-vegan’ version of cream has almost the same number of fans as of enemies! This shouldn’t cross it out of your everyday cooking and recipes, though. You can most often find it as coconut cream. Good news is, it’s not sweetened!
  1. Spray cream
Now, that’s basically aerated cream in a flacon. You must have used this variation at least once as it’s super popular (especially after a romantic dinner, right?). Just shake and enjoy. Let’s not forget it’s also a wonderful end of any dessert, because you can control its shape. spray cream If you happen to use cream in your daily routine, don’t forget to browse our other dairy products as you click here!


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