4 Clever Ways to Use Flour at Home (Not for Food!)

We have to say that flour is probably one of the greatest things one can have in their own kitchen. It’s because this product is quite universal and you can bake almost anything with it. For example, who would refuse eating homemade bread that smells all around the house or some seriously delicious desserts? We bet you wouldn’t! It turns out, though, that flour might not only be applicable for cooking. Here’s 4 clever ways to use it alternatively:
  1. Get those playing cards nice and clean!
No joke here. In case you have a pack of playing cards that are quite dusty, it might be a sign that you should spend some ‘family time’ more often! What’s more, it may also mean that you need to freshen the cards up! Good news is you only need flour to do this. Just put them in a plastic bag with a handful of flour and give them a good shake. Then get them out of there, clean with a nice dry towel and get down to work!
  1. More shine for the steel!
We all know that stainless steel devices can be a nightmare. One thing you can do is use flour as your helper here. After cleaning your appliances thoroughly, take some flour and make them shine real good. Just rinse directly from the package over a clean, dry towel and rub until it shines! stainless steel cleaning
  1. No more annoying insects in the corners!
OK, we’ve heard a lot about how good workers ants are, but let’s admit it - they are truly little terrors when you have them at home. To get rid of those insects, make sure to sprinkle some flour wherever you see them ‘pottering about’. There’s a belief that ants don’t like the taste of flour and that’s why they avoid it.
  1. Say “Goodbye!” to the pimples!
Of course, there are so many natural ways to fight with or to even cure acne and using flour is one of them. If you want to quickly cover a huge pimple on the tip of your nose, ‘cook’ yourself a paste. Just mix honey with some flour. Cover with a cloth and let it stay for one night so that the products do their job! flour for skin What other ways are there to make use of flour? Don’t forget to follow our Blog so you don’t miss the next posts! In the meantime, read more here: 7 Uncommon Ways to Use Extra Virgin Olive Oil 4 Priceless Tips for Making the Best Muffins 9 Tricks for Cooking with Puff Pastry


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