4 Ways to Boost your Immune System during Winter

Well, we should all remind ourselves that “health is the thing that makes you feel that now is the best time of the year.” That’s especially true during the winter days when we tend to have weak immune system and be more vulnerable to infections. However, there’s one thing that can definitely help us out and it’s food! Good nutrition means health and what’s more to wish for when it’s winter?! Check out those 4 ways to boost your immune system and stay away from the colds during the cold season:
  1. More fish for Vitamin D
The lesser sunlight we get, the lesser vitamin D levels are going to be. And we all know how important this vitamin is, right!? Good news is you can get the recommended doses by eating more fish like salmon. Having it at the dinner table at least once a week guarantees strong immune system and even better mood. Another way to take vitamin D is by having cereal grains with some plant milk, for example. salmon
  1. Intestines are also important
Never forget this: it’s said that our intestines contain more immune cells than the whole rest of our body. Can you believe this? For this very reason it’s essential to keep your gut healthy by having foods with good bacteria. Such products can be yoghurt, oats or the so called Sauerkraut (fermented cabbage), which is quite popular for the winter.
  1. All those colorful fruits and veggies
Probably one of the best food habits throughout the whole year is to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. However, we always have to go for diversity. Nature gives us such a variety of choices and colors that it would be a shame to stick to just one type of product. To maintain good health during the cold days, be sure to take all the colorful fruits and vegetables you can think of. Spinach, carrots, beet, apples, whatever! By the way, you should try these mini puff pastry pies with spinach as they are simply amazing! winter health tips
  1. Getting more vitamin C
Isn’t this the greatest enemy of winter infections?! Vitamin C is known for its immune-stimulating effects and that’s exactly why you need more of it. Plus, it may keep your skin nice and healthy, which (let’s be honest here!) tends to get quite rough when it’s cold outside. Great sources of the vitamin are lemons and citrus fruits as a whole, paprika, eggs. All the yummy stuff you have at home! For a huge diversity of products you can always rely on our e-store as we do our best to give you fresh and healthy foods! Click here to shop! 5 Useful Food Tips to Treat Lazy Bowel Eat Healthy, but Smart – 6 Certain Ways to Avoid Bean Flatulence Eucalyptus – 4 Things that Make it a ‘Must’ at Home


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