4 Common Mistakes People Make when Cooking Chicken

Let’s face it, guys! Chicken is probably the most popular type of meat that housewives (not only!) cook. And why not? First of all, it’s cheap. Secondly, the meat is easy to prepare plus there are thousands of ways you can serve it. Not everything seems so bright, though. However easy-peasy it may seem, cooking chicken, especially breasts, might be a challenge sometimes. That’s because you can screw things up, if you’re not careful enough. To avoid such situations, check out these 4 common mistakes most people do when cooking (or buying) chicken:
  1. Buy boneless, skinless meat
Huge mistake! Even if you’re not a fan of skin, you better cook the chicken with its skin on. Trust us, it’s way more effective than the other way around. Both the bones and the skin are said to help the meat stay juicy. In other words, when you buy boneless and skinless chicken, you’ll definitely end up with a dry and stringy meal.
  1. Wash the chicken
“Don’t wash raw chicken!” – that’s what the British Food Standards Agency announced in their campaign. OK, we know everybody wants to make sure they have meat in good hygienic condition. Despite this fact, chefs say washing the chicken is wrong. Here’s something for you to muse upon – the meat contains bacteria, one of which is Campylobacter. This type of bacteria can be responsible for most gastrointestinal problems. The easiest way to kill it is to cook it at high temperature. However, the easiest way to spread it is by washing the chicken! washing chicken
  1. Defrost it for too long
If you’re planning on cooking chicken for dinner, don’t leave it on the kitchen board all day. Never! Room temperature is said to be ideal for pathogenic bacteria development within the meat. For that very reason you should better defrost it in the fridge, where the degrees are lower enough to slower the process.
  1. Skip marinating
Chicken breasts are really a pleasure to prepare. This doesn’t mean you should throw them into the frying pan immediately, though! A good marinade for just about 30 minutes is able to turn your meat into everyone’s favorite dish. So, think about this next time you wanna skip the marinade. Which of these mistakes have you made most often? Drop us a comment down below! Plus, expect more in our future blog posts! 3 Tips on How to Get the Most out of Aubergines Surprise your Family with a Traditional Greek Chicken Pie!


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