5 Super Quick & Tasty Pita Bread Breakfast Ideas

An American author once said that “One should not attend even the end of the world without a good breakfast.” Good thing about today’s simple recipes is that they can be great during the whole day. Keep reading!
  1. Vegetarian roll
All you have to do is slice some red and green peppers, a cucumber and a tomato. If you wanna make it spicier, add a clove of garlic and some green onions. Use fennel and basil to season the veggies. Hey, don’t forget to use a generous amount of Feta cheese! Get all this inside a pita bread and roll it up.
  1. Non-vegetarian roll
This one is for you, meat fans! Cut some chicken meat into thin slices and fry in hot oil for a couple of minutes. Add vegetables by choice – garlic, green onions, tomato, parsley. After they become soft, set aside and season with some soy sauce. You can even use chili, if you like. You know the rest!
  1. Olive pita roll
How about some Greek olives, huh!? Cut about 80g of olives and mix them with 100g of grated cheese. You can use all kinds of cheeses for this recipe. Check out our dairy category for more! OK, then season with some fresh parsley, 1tbsp of extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice and 50g of crushed nuts. Optional: you may also add some extra protein with a couple of meat pieces. However, make sure to cook it before that! We don’t want it raw, right! Mix everything and fill those pita rolls.
  1. Cream cheese pita bread
Whip around 180g of cream cheese. If you’re on a diet, though, use 50g of sour cream (it can also be low-fat!). Add some garlic cloves and nicely cut tomato pieces, then salt, pepper or whatever herb you wish. Stir well and roll into the favorite pita bread.
  1. Ham & cheese roll
pita bread roll What’s not to love about this one?! Okay, you already know which the main heroes are. What else we’ve got for you is salad greens and…garlic sauce, of course! To make it, mix some smashed garlic cloves and yoghurt. Totally worth it! Serve into the pita bread, season with sauce and roll. Simple as that. Browse our pita bread and other tasty stuff on our food section as you click here! 3 Easy Rice Recipes that Are Good for Vegetarians Sausages: 10 Curious Facts about this Famous Food 2 Easy Greek Recipes with Allspice you can Do at Home


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