4 Drinks that Go Well for a Sushi Party

If you choose what to drink without thinking about food (and vice versa), you will definitely not be able to enjoy the experience at its most! Why? Well, it’s super important to know how to combine foods and drinks. We’ve talked about how to combine various things like wine or coffee with some products, be we have not mentioned anything about sushi. Being so popular today, this type of food deserves attention, for sure! So, depending on the sushi that you’ve chosen, there are different types of drinks that would suit it well. If you are a fan of this traditional food, you should probably know that sushi goes great with Japanese beer. However, this doesn’t mean we are out of options, right!? Here’s 4 drinks that go perfectly well for a sushi party:
  1. Sake
Some say that “The best things in life are called sushi and sake.” There might be something that’s true about this, huh! People associate this eastern drink with sushi because the main component of both is rice. We would recommend that you use sake with sashimi because the fish taste is an amazing addition to sake’s notes. sake
  1. Wine
However strange it may seem to you, wine could be one of the best drinks to serve at a sushi party. Of course, there are so many combinations that you can choose from! However, you should always be careful how to combine them. What you need is to go for lighter types of wine that do not take out of sushi’s charm. wine and sushi
  1. Green tea
Oh, how good a cup of green tea would go with a sushi meal! This drink tends to help our metabolism work better, as you probably know. It can also process the high salt content that’s usually in the soy sauce. Most people prefer to start with sake and then go for green tea in the end. Nice, huh!? green tea for sushi
  1. Beer
If you would like to try sushi with beer, you won’t make a mistake, we guarantee! In general, sushi tends to be a light food that makes us site but at the same time doesn’t make us feel full. This is why you should pick lighter types of beer as well. Just try and you will know what we’re talking about! beer and sushi Do you like eating sushi? Let’s not forget that “each sushi represents a different patch of sea under a different shake of sky”. Get your preferred drinks by browsing our Drink selection by category – just click here!


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