4 Health Benefits of Vanilla You wouldn’t Expect – Part 2

A word spoken is past recalling! Last time we promised there’s gonna be more about vanilla’s amazing health properties, right? Well, it’s about time we reveal a little more about this ‘nature beauty’. Plus, there’s BONUS INFO in the end. Keep reading!
  1. Protects the skin
Vanilla’s antibacterial effects might be great when it comes to acne treatment. The active compound vanillin can be a powerful ally, if you’re struggling with the unwanted pimples all over your face.
  1. Stimulates hair growth
Actually, many of you already know how good vanilla can be for the hair. The plant’s essential oil is able to stimulate hair growth, which lots of women suffer from at a particular age. You can use it in any form you like... You could drink vanilla tea or make yourself some special homemade hair masks, for example. vanilla homemade mask
  1. Reduces anxiety
Yes, there are still many people who disclaim aromatherapy’s healing and soothing effects. However, we would say the method is actually quite beneficial. Did you know that just the smell of vanilla is said to release the brain tension? That’s why you might think of staying near some vanilla flavors when you’re experiencing chronic stress or anxiety.
  1. Acts as an anti-cancer agent
One of the best functions of vanilla’s antioxidants is that they are able to eliminate the free radicals. We’re talking about all kinds of antioxidants plus, the most important one - vanillin, that might prevent the negative effects of free radicals development! BONUS: Vanilla’s nutrition facts!
  • Vanillin – OK, we know we mentioned it like a hundred times already! It’s because it is the main chemical component within the vanilla pod. What’s more, the pods are also known to be rich in phenols, alcohols, esters, caproic acids and others.
  • Vitamins – Vanilla’s extract consists of small amounts of vitamins from the B group. These include thiamine (B1), niacin (B3), pantothenic acid (B5), riboflavin (B2) as well as vitamin B6.
  • Minerals – Let’s not forget about the minerals, though! Vanilla is said to contain lots of magnesium, calcium, manganese, potassium, iron and zinc.
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