4 Ways Honey & Cinnamon might Help you Stay Healthy

The combination between honey and cinnamon is an essential part of Chinese medicine and Ayurveda – the oldest healing science. If you store it correctly, honey will never spoil. And hey, did you know that cinnamon has once been so valuable that it was only the Emperor who could use it? Luckily, that’s not the case today! Let’s see 4 ways honey and cinnamon might help you stay healthy, shall we?
  1. Slow aging
You know that free radicals destroy the cells, which may result in premature aging. Honey is said to be rich in phenols, enzymes, flavonoids and natural acids…those powerful antioxidants! Cinnamon, on the other hand, beats oregano, garlic and many more spices when it comes to the antioxidant content. All these properties are responsible for slowing up the aging process!
  1. Fight against bacteria
Both honey and the sweet brown powder are popular for their antibacterial characteristics. For this very reason they can be good not only against colds, but also for kidney- and other infections!
  1. Help the heart
Sadly, heart diseases are thought as some of the most common causes of death! Good thing to know is that honey and cinnamon are ‘heart-friendly’! Researches show that the antioxidants in honey accelerate the blood flow that goes through the heart. That’s how they purify and dilate the arteries. Plus, cinnamon reduces bad cholesterol!
  1. Helps weight-loss
Well, you won’t lose weight, if you only rely on honey with cinnamon, but if you add some regular training and healthy nutrition, things might look a bit differently! Our bodies absorb honey slower than refined sugar, which prevents from high blood sugar levels. On the other hand, cinnamon speeds up the metabolism and turns glycose into energy, not into fat accumulation. Now we know how important this natural mixture turns out to be, right? Good news is you can consume it however you like. Try it as a spread during breakfast or in a glass of water before going to bed…The choice is all yours! 4 Reasons Why you Should Take a Spoonful of Olive Oil Every Day The Ultimate Guide to Combining Coffee and Food – Part 2 What is Stevia – 5 Interesting Things you Might not Know


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