4 of the Healthiest Nuts that Can also Turn into the Perfect Dessert

“What’s driving you nuts?”, we often tend to hear. Well, it’s definitely not nuts, right?! Although in the past they used to have a bad name because of the high fat content, today nuts are actually highly appreciated. What’s more, this food should not only be a vital part of our diet, but nuts can also turn into a perfect dessert. We all know how it feels to crave something sweet but try to avoid it! Well, this is already a story from the past… Here’s our list of 4 of the healthiest types of nuts that can also be quite ‘sweety’:
  1. Almonds
Did you know that just a small handful of almonds is said to give us about 25% of the daily recommended dose of magnesium and calcium? In fact, this equals to what you can also find in cow milk, for example. Plus, almonds are super rich in antioxidants, vitamin E and selenium. sweet almonds So, if you are wondering what kind of a healthy dessert you would like to try, why don’t you go for our almond cookies?!
  1. Cashews
Cashews are probably one of the most beloved types of nuts in the world! This product’s best property is that it can supply our body with lots of zinc and iron. In case you still don’t know, iron is what brings oxygen to the cells and this way it protects us from getting anemia. On the other hand, zinc is super important for our strong immune system and for our ‘healthy look’. cashew Raffaelo balls For a great cashew dessert we would recommend that you try making some healthy Raffaello sweets!
  1. Pistachios
With less than 4 calories per piece, pistachios turn out to be one of the most dietetic nuts. Of course, this is why people who often get strict about what they eat and some fitness lovers adore having pistachios. An interesting theory says that taking the nut from the inside of its shell takes time itself. This automatically reduces the temps of eating and helps you keep a balanced nutrition. pistachios Still not sure what kind of sweet would go well with pistachios? Don’t forget that Greek always have something to offer, so go grab our Baklava and give it a try.
  1. Walnuts
As we have quoted a couple of times already, “trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit”. And it’s not for no reason that walnut trees take ages to grow big enough to bear their fruits. The fine brain-like nut that hides inside the hard shell is one of the healthiest foods on Earth, some would say. And their resemblance to the human brain is also not a coincidence! Why? Go read this article and find out yourself! walnut pie And for an ‘out of space’ deliciousness, be sure to give our Walnut pie a chance and, please, let us know what you think in the comments! TOP 5 Juicy and Tasty Greek Desserts you Would love to Try 2 Tricks you Can use When Cooking with Honey (+Bonus Recipe)


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