4 Powerful Spices that You Can Drink as Tea – Part 2

Spring and summer! Two seasons that bring the memory of how wonderful and beneficial herbs can be for our health. Just how easy health can be to achieve! Well, the ‘seasons of growth’ may be over, but it’s never too late to take advantage of herbs’ effects! If you missed our first article about some of the most powerful spices that can turn into an amazing cup of tea, be sure to click here! Otherwise, let’s get started with today’s news and learn some more stuff on the topic…
  1. Spicy red pepper powder
This peppery herb is not only associated with meals and seasoning, though. Let’s start from the very beginning here. So, red hot pepper actually heats up the body from within, both literally and metaphorically. This way it can boost our metabolism and also stimulate our digestive enzymes, which is good for our well-being in general. Also known as cayenne pepper tea, this drink is going to blow you off! It’s super different from what most people have as tea, but it’s also very healthy. Plus, the drink is especially good for those times when we are all surrounded by viruses and infections. It’s thought to act quite effectively against any kinds of microbes and inflammations, so go grab a teaspoon of spicy pepper powder and drop it in that boiling water! cayenne pepper tea
  1. Cummin
Cum(m)in is another type of herb that’s known for its high antioxidant content. What’s more, it is also thought to be super good for our digestive tract. It can stimulate our gall-bladder and make our body absorb food and drinks much easier. Just like cinnamon, cumin tea might help you stabilize the blood sugar levels, which makes it a perfect thing for diabetic patients. As an extra plus, the herb is said to lower the risk of gaining weight. And, by the way, cumin is a great compound of chili itself!
  1. Turmeric
This spice owes its specific yellow-orange color to curcumin, the main compound in turmeric. Its healing properties are often said to be even better than the ones a medical pill can have. The spice is also considered to be quite effective against Alzheimer’s disease as it may supply the brain with enough oxygen. When you take it as a tea, feel free to add some brown sugar Muscovado, if you wish. This way you will even increase the positive effects, but also make your drink taste even better!
  1. Thyme
The active element in thyme is thought to treat bronchitis, sore throat, laryngitis and even asthma. Imagine what a natural healing bomb thyme can actually be! The herb is so famous for its healing effects that it is often a part of patent medicine. thyme tea In case you want to get the best out of it, make sure to brew yourself some thyme tea at least once a week. This amazing hot drink will not only keep you warm during the cold days, but it will also protect you from getting infections. Did you like today’s article? Don’t forget to drop us a comment down below! In the meantime, browse our Herbs & Spices selection by category as you click here! Greek Shrimp Saganaki: a Recipe that Leaves you Speechless Herbs’ Secret: 5 Tips about Herbs and Cooking Allspice – Not Just a Simple Spice: 5 Health Benefits


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