4 Honey Face Masks you Can do at Home today!

Unless you have a serious allergy to honey, we can’t think of any other reason not to use it. In the long run, we all know how healthy this product is, right? Click here if you’re still not so sure. Good news is, honey can also be your best friend when it comes to home cosmetics. That’s why we’re offering you 4 honey face masks that you can easily do at home right now!
  1. For oily and acne-prone skin
1tbsp lemon juice 1tbsp honey 1tbsp baking soda honey for oily skin Well, it’s just these three, guys. Easy as that! You’re probably aware of soda’s antibacterial properties, aren’t you? Remember not to rub the mask into the face skin. You better wait for 15 minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water.
  1. For oily skin
3tbsp honey ½ tbsp. cinnamon honey and cinnamon face mask That’s even easier, right? It’s a well-known fact that both cinnamon and honey have great antiseptic properties. They tend to neutralize bacteria and make the skin strong and even. Apply the mask and let it stay for 30 minutes. Then rinse with water.
  1. For dry skin
1tbsp avocado 1tbsp yoghurt 1tbsp honey honey for dry skin Avocado’s fats as well as the yoghurt will most probably hydrate your skin in depth, while honey will make it ‘smooth as a baby’s bottom’. First of all, press the avocado. Mix all ingredients until you get a homogenous paste. Stay with this mask for about 20-30 minutes and wash your face.
  1. For sensitive skin
2tbsp honey 1tbsp Aloe vera gel honey for sensitive skin Mix the products and let the mask stay for around 20 min. Aloe is known to soothe irritated skin and eliminate redness (especially from sunburns). Honey, on the other hand, can bring the skin cells back to life. Before you make yourself any mask, though, you should carefully clean your face. We would suggest you place a warm towel over your whole face for about a minute. Then you can proceed with the cosmetic mask. Which type of mask would you choose for your skin? Share with us in the comments down below! Meanwhile, check out our 100% organic Greek Honey as you click here!


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