4 Little Secrets about Wine You would Love to Know

Wine is and will always be (well, hopefully!) a symbol of good life, pleasure and love. Do you remember how it’s metaphorically called? Come on, we mentioned this in our previous article. If you’re a fan of our blog, you might have noticed that we write about wine every now and then. That’s because there’s so much to tell about this wonderful beverage. For example, do you know that a glass of wine can be good for the organism? Of course you do! OK, we know it’s harsh to keep you in the dark for so long! Here’s our list of 4 little secrets about drinking wine…and something else:
  1. Cooling and serving
In case you feel like a wine expert you must be aware of the fact that temperatures play a very important role. However, we’ll reveal some secrets for those of you who are still not that much into the matter. In general, the best temperature range for white wine should be from 6 to 12°C. Remember: do not put ice in the glass (ever!) The same goes for rose, by the way. On the other side, one should serve red wine at about 16-18°C, while the perfect temperature for champagne is 6-8°C.
  1. Glasses
You must know there’s a huge variety of wine glasses on the market, right? Well, some of you might say that “wine is what matters, not the glass”. Yea and nay. Of course you don’t have to have all sorts of glasses at home for different occasions. On the other side, it’s good to know at least what kind of glass suits to what type of wine. The picture below explains it all, otherwise there’s two things you should know:
  • Choose a glass with a stem! Serving and tasting wine in such a glass makes it feel more special, more formal. Plus, it’s not meant to be this way for no reason. Hands will allow you to swirl the wine before you sip, for example.
  • Fuller and rounder glass means it’s for a very flavorful wine sorts like the red one. This glass has a larger opening, which allows you to dip your nose inside and smell all the amazing aromas within.glasses for wine
  1. Storage
Wine enjoys dark, cool places where humidity is higher. It is desirable (not obligatory, though!) to keep your bottle horizontally in order for you to avoid cork troubles. If you didn’t manage to drink the whole bottle last night, here’s how to store it. Find a smaller bottle and sip until the liquid touches the edge. Then place the cork and make sure the wine spills a bit. This guarantees that there’s no air in the bottle. Store in the fridge for a couple of days, but no more than a week! No one should ever waste wine.
  1. Mixing wines
If you have to drink more than one type of wine at a time, you should always start with lighter ones (like rose or white). OK, to simplify it, here’s the rule: light before heavy, young before old, white before red and dessert wines are always in the end! Did you like these little wine secrets? Share with us in the comment section! By the way, check out our List of wines as you click here!


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