4 Must-Try Christmas Decoration Ideas

As the long-awaited Christmas holidays are coming, we’re starting to get more and more excited about it. Family, presents, Christmas tree, tasty cookies and lots of other nice foods, cozy home…After all, what’s not to love about Christmas?! If you enjoy creating your own unique style when it comes to home Christmas decorations, this article is just for you. Today we’re giving you 4 must-try DIY ideas that will definitely turn your home into a winter fairytale! So, let’s get this party started:
  1. Brighten the Christmas tree with some dried fruits
Nowadays more and more families tend to use different dried fruits to decorate their Christmas tree. You’ve got to try this! The fruits look extremely beautiful as they’re hanging from the branches! Plus, let’s not forget dried fruits can also give an amazing aroma which spreads all around your place. christmas tree
  1. Create your own little Christmas tree toys for your…Christmas tree
How? We would suggest you use a bunch of flavorful cinnamon sticks and a handful of garland bands with various lengths. You’ll also need glue, a cord for the handle and different ornaments by choice (buttons or whatever). diy christmas decoration
  1. Wrap the presents in eco-style
Wrapping the Christmas presents with your own hands makes them even more special than they are! What’s more, it’s super fun because you have the freedom to put all your passion, love and creativity. Why don’t you try decorating the presents with various things from the nature? This includes fir cones, natural herbs like sage leaves for example, cinnamon sticks or dried fruits. Just imagine what an eco-present it will be in the end! Christmas presents' wrapping
  1. Make a unique self-made natural garland
Don’t like the traditional garlands that usually look fake and boring? You can always put some imagination and make your own ones. Start off with some pine branches and then decorate with whatever you like. What would make it better than a couple of fir cones, dried orange pieces and cinnamon sticks? You can even put whole oranges or lemons! This DIY decoration will most probably make your home truly adorableChristmas garlands Good news is everything can be even easier for you as you don’t need to dry fruits by yourself! Check out ours as you click here! Hey, make sure that the kids participate in the fun as well! We wish you a wonderful Christmas!


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