4 Mysterious Questions about Soda Water and The Truth Behind them

Do you also have these moments when you want something fizzy and refreshing but not sweet? The truth is, most fizzy drinks tend to have lots of sugar and leave a pretty…well, sweetish aftertaste. Luckily, there’s soda water, which can definitely quench the thirst without making you feel as if you just had a candy. Sometimes we just crave for something different from a glass of normal water. Have you ever asked yourself whether soda is as healthy as water itself? Keep reading to find out some of the most interesting stuff about soda water!
  1. Does soda water affect body hydration?
There’s a theory that the fizzy bubbles in soda can act negatively on the human body’s hydration. We could say that’s a total delusion! Science proves that while we’re doing physical exercises soda water can restore lost liquids just the way mineral water does.
  1. Can you gain weight with soda?
Just like all other fizzy drinks, soda water can make you feel a bit bloated. However, does this mean you’re going to become fat?! Of course, no! There’s even proof that soft drinks can act quite oppositely. Just think about it. When you drink anything that contains carbonated water, you usually don’t get hungry too quick. That’s especially true, if you drink fizzy drinks on an empty stomach! fizzy drinks
  1. What types of soda are there?
If you make a quick “research” about the types of sparkling water, you might notice the list isn’t that short at all. However, at first sight there’s no difference between all of these. It’s just the taste that makes them unalike. And, of course, different taste comes from different substances. Club soda usually has sodium additives like culinary salt, sodium- or potassium carbonate. On the other hand, tonic consists of sweeteners, while other fizzy drinks mostly contain citric acid, caffeine and others.
  1. Is soda water harmful to the teeth?
Well, the acid that soda tends to have, may really do some damage to teeth enamel. However, that’s only going to happen if you consume it in extremely high doses. Plus, you can avoid this as you drink sparkling water together with sugar or fruit acids. Did you like today’s article? Hit the comments down below and let us know what you think! Meanwhile, browse our fizzy drinks category as you click here!


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