7 Stunning Health Facts about Pomegranate Juice – Part 2

“Pomegranate is a fruit of paradise. There is one seed from Paradise in every pomegranate growing on the earth.” Isn’t just thinking that way capable of making your day?! This delicious red fruits are gifted to give, to give and only to give. They give us pleasure to the senses; they help us step closer to health! Let’s catch up with some of the most interesting facts about pomegranates, shall we?
  1. Being a bio-stimulator, pomegranate juice can definitely have energizing and strengthening properties. Do you know how people take advantage of that? In India, for example, they often use it to improve working capacity. Employees usually drink about half a cup at least 3 times a day - before each meal.
  2. You had a surgery and you’re willing to recover quickly? Well, there’s some information that pomegranate juice can be of use here. It might have diuretic, anti-inflammatory, anesthetic and antiseptic effects. That’s why it might help you get on your feet again after an operation, kidney or stomach issues.
  3. You probably know how much we are exposed to harmful radiation. All the technologies, industries and everything around us can put us in some radioactive trouble. Fortunately, there's a belief that the red fruit can increase the organism’s resistance against radiation. So, be sure to eat more red seeds! pomegranate and radiation
  4. Specialists suggest that diabetic patients eat the fruit or drink its juice. If your doctor hasn’t given you any specific recommendations, you can take one glass three times a day. Of course, you should always consult with a professional in case you suffer from serious diseases like diabetes. Hey, read more about how to treat diabetes with food in this article!
  5. However, you should know that pomegranate juice has its contra-indications as well. For example, people with gastric ulcer or gastritis should be very careful with the fruit. They even have to minimize its consumption or exclude it from the menu as a whole!
  6. Lots of people (especially ladies) use pomegranate for beauty procedures. Yes, it turns out it can not only heal you from the inside! Pomegranate seeds might be quite effective for the skin, so you can say “goodbye” to all the age wrinkles, acne spots or freckles! A great easy-to-make homemade mask consists only of pomegranate juice and whipped cream. Just apply on the face and let it do the magic! pomegranate beauty mask
  7. Thanks to the numerous antioxidants, the fruit might even increase men’s sexual functions. Those antioxidants are known to stimulate the blood flow towards the privy parts, which makes pomegranate men’s best friend.
If you wanna read more facts about the red fruits, check out this article we published a few months ago! Then, don’t forget to purchase from our Juice selection as you click here!


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