4 Reasons to Start Drinking Water more Often (Part 2)

Last time we talked about some of the most important things that water does to our body. In case you don’t remember, get back to that Part 1 and read all you need to know on the topic. Of course, there are thousands of benefits of drinking water on a daily basis. However, this time we will try to enlarge your knowledge even more as we give 4 other reasons to do it. Hint: we’re not focusing only on the health state this time! OK, let’s see what’s next, shall we? Everyday consumption of water may:
  1. Form or/and improve your muscle structure
In order to get the best out of your training sessions, you must have properly working muscles. So, can you guess what you need? Good hydration, of course! A lot of people are often dehydrated, which can definitely ruin or at least make their workout much harder. If you want to see great results from your exercises, try concentrating on drinking more water.
  1. Beat headache/migraine
Recent data shows that ‘lifting’ your glass (or bottle) of water more often will most probably soothe any kind of pain. However, one thing we know for sure is that the liquid might help with headaches, migraine or even back pain. Why? Well, these conditions usually go hand in hand with the lack of hydration.
  1. Put you in ‘the mood’
You must have had some of those moments you don’t have the spirits to do anything. Ever heard of the popular phrase: “A healthy mind in a healthy body”, or “Mens sana in corpore sano” (from Latin)? Science proves that enough hydration is able to make your body feel good. And when the body is well, there’s no chance to be in bad mood. So what are you waiting for?
  1. Save you money
In case you’re wondering how, let us tell you water is free! Even if you choose filtrated/distilled water, it’s okay. Have in mind that it’s still much cheaper than lots of other liquids that are full of artificial sugars and who knows what else! Bonus info: Did you know that people believe that water has memory? There’s a lot to read on this topic today. The Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto says that “thoughts and words have unique magnetic code, which can interact with water”. He experiments and devotes his life to the ‘water memory’ and he finds out that people’s emotions, thoughts and feelings affect the molecular structure of the water. So, make sure to control your thoughts when drinking water! Masaru Emoto What do you think of this article? Don’t hesitate and share your opinion with us! Plus, read other stuff on our Blog as you click here.


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