5 Ways in Which Lemon Juice can Improve your Health

“A little lemon juice makes everything taste better.” We bet you know how extremely delicious do lemons make any kind of beverage. But do you know how a mouthful of lemon juice can benefit your health state? Keep reading to find out!
  1. Improves the digestive system
A single article wouldn’t be enough to list all the beneficial components in lemons, so here’s just a tiny bit of them: vitamins B & C, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, etc. Having all these in mind, we can’t deny that lemon juice is considered to cleanse the digestive system from toxins. This way it may prevent from heart-burns, abdominal swelling and other unpleasant symptoms.
  1. Acts against constipation
We all know how irritating this condition might be. However, there’s always something that can be of use…like lemon juice for example! As it might improve the digestive system, this means that this citric fruit is able to fight constipation as well. Just add a couple of drops in your meal or even better – drink a glass of lemon juice and voila!
  1. Increases iron absorption
Sadly, iron deficiency is one of the most widely spread nutritional problems today. Here’s some good news – if you consume foods rich in vitamin C (lemons) together with foods rich in iron, this can increase the chance of your organism to absorb the iron. Tip: Use lemon juice as an addition to spinach or chickpea salads as both are great iron sources! lemon juice for bad breath
  1. Kills bad breath
Many people say that the juice from this amazing yellow fruit can soothe toothache and gum inflammation. Luckily, it might also freshen our breath! However, be careful when using lemon juice as the citric acid might destroy the enamel. That’s why you should always brush your teeth after consuming it.
  1. Helps skin & hair
Remember our blog post about how lemons can make you more beautiful? Lemon juice is proved to have great effects on our skin and hair. If you apply it on the scalp, expect no problems with hair loss, dandruff or hair oiliness. On the other hand, the natural antiseptic properties of lemon make it perfect for all kinds of skin conditions. These include acne, eczema, bee stings, sunburns, etc. Are you curious for more info? Tell us what you think in the comments and we will continue the topic! Meanwhile, check out our Blog on foods & beverage: 8 Interesting facts about Cheese + a Tasty Recipe you Can try at Home today 5 Reasons Why Thyme Honey is Good for your Health 4 Ways to Use Red Wine for Glowing Skin


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