4 Things You Didn’t know about Trahana + Bonus: 3 Easy Recipes

For those of you who still stare at the title and wonder whether this is food or something else, you are not alone! It turns out that many people are not actually familiar with trahana…Even if they’ve eaten it! So, here are 4 quick points that will give you more clues about this food and will lead you through the whole experience. Because eating it is such a pleasure!
  • First of all, trahana is a super interesting, ancient (and obviously quite forgotten) delicacy. It is a legume, something between ‘dry soup’ and macaroni. The name comes from the ancient word for “crumb”. That’s where its whole history hides.
  • The main ingredients in trahana are either semolina or some other type of grains, or flour plus dairy. In fact, trahana was originally invented just so people could preserve the milk during the winter season. By combining it with the wheat, they dried it under the sunlight and finally got small crumbs that they would use for the cold months. Smart, huh!?
  • In case you ask, it’s mostly popular on the Balkans. More specifically in countries like Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria. Because trahana is basically a wheat product, people often take it as pasta.
  • Speaking of pasta, trahana is, indeed, a very tasty and healthy substitute to actual pasta. What’s more, some use it instead of rice when cooking soups. This means that the product tends to give density and additional flavors to the meal.
Got the idea already? OK, let’s start the day off with some amazing recipes that are easy and very delicious! Keep reading!
  1. Trahanosoupa
Generally, that’s trahana soup with cheese (usually feta). This is sour trahana, because there’s also a sweet version! So, you will need: 100g trahana 1l water 125g butter 200g cheese trahanosoupa Place the legume and the butter over the hob with some cold water. Start stirring while cooking on low heat until it becomes soft and the whole water evaporates. You will end up with a semi-thick porridge. Serve with some crumbled feta cheese on top.
  1. Trahana with meat
Another sour meal that will make your family go crazy when they taste it! Here’s how it goes: 1 cup trahana 200g minced meat with herbs 3 ½ cups water 1-2tbsp EVOO trahana stew With just these four ingredients you can make a wonderful dinner! Start by frying the meat in some extra virgin olive oil. Add 3 cups of water and then the trahana. Stir and cook open at low heat for 20 minutes. Make sure that it‘s simmering, not boiling! If the water goes away too quickly, add half a cup more. Once you take it off the hob, the stew will ‘drink’ even more water. This easy-to-make dinner is some kind of A La Minute. It usually doesn’t require any kind of bread, but of course it’s always up to you!
  1. Sweet trahana
As you already know, there’s a sweet version as well. This can make your morning even better because it doesn’t take much of your time and it tastes amazing! 1 cup trahana (not vegetable) 500ml water 1 cup milk Honey sweet trahana First, boil the trahana in salted water. When it’s soft enough, strain off and add milk. Put over the hob for another 1-2 minutes. In the end, sweeten your breakfast with honey, a fruit jar or whatever else you think is going to make it sweet enough! Find various types of Greek trahana and other pasta products at our food store as you click here!


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