3 Cool Greek ‘Pita’ Ideas for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Warning! No diets allowed today! We forewarn you about this because we got this crazy idea of making a daily menu full of anti-diet foods. But so tasty, though! After all, living a life of either extreme brings no good to anybody. So it’s nice to have some ‘you-time’ every once in a while, right? When it comes to Greek pies or anything that ends in ‘pita’ /πιτα/, there’s always what to expect! So, here’s the plan…
We’re giving you 3 cool Greek pita ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Keep reading to follow the menu!
  • Breakfast
How about starting the day with a flavorful, crunchy pie with milk, eggs and lots of other delights? Some think of tiropita /or tyropita/ as a dessert, while others say it can go for a main meal because it consists of salty products. To be honest, whatever it is, it’s definitely gonna give a kick-start of the day! tiropita In case we’ve got your attention right at the breakfast meal, τυρóπιτα is made of filo pastry sheets, plenty of butter and egg-cheese filling. Some make the stuffing with milk, eggs and some flour, which turns into Bechamel sauce and gives an extra flavor to the dish. Whichever version it is, the juicy filling makes the pie melt in your mouth once you have the first bite! You’ve gotta give it a try!
  • Lunch
For the biggest meal of the day we can’t offer you anything else but the glorious alevropita. If you still don’t know what that is, well, you will catch up now! Alevropita is mostly popular in Northern Greece, but people make it all across the country. Of course, each family chooses its favorite recipe because the good thing about it is that it’s not pretentious at all. Aλευροπιτα consists of a mixture that resembles the one for pancakes. However, you will be surprised by how cheesy it tastes in the very end. In comparison to tyropita, this one doesn’t include phyllo pastry sheets. Basically, it’s made of flour, milk, eggs, butter, olive oil, feta cheese and (of course) herbs! So, the moment you mix all these you’ll get the idea of how wonderful this simple recipe will turn out to be! alevropita Do you remember the last time we talked about alevropita? Go check this article out and see what else you can learn!
  • Dinner
And because it’s almost spinach season, we would definitely give spanakopita a chance to make you happy! This filo pastry spinach pie is going to be the explosion after all the other amazing recipes that you had today. This one is much ‘greener’, though, and that’s why we chose it for dinner. spanakopita Spanakopita has spinach (obviously!), parsley, onions, if you like, as a veggie part. The rest is clear – phyllo, butter, eggs and the all-time-favorite cheese. In fact, it’s probably the filo sheets that make it so heavenly delicious, crunchy and juicy at the same time. People who make it often give us a hint on how to make it real crunchy! Just bake at 175 C° with the fan on. At this temperature spanakopita tends to get a nice crispy outer shell and it doesn’t keep water from the inside. Finally, to make your day even greater, we have a surprise for you! Instead of giving the efforts to make all these things, we offer you ready-to-use Greek pies! Click here to see the best Greek pies that are so easy to cook. Just take out of the freezer and bake. That’s all!


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