4 More things Greeks Usually Have for Breakfast

How about starting a new habit? We all have those times when we want to set up something new and feel the benefits of it. First thing that pops up in our mind is to leave some time for breakfast. Every morning lots of people tend to quickly get carried off by the daily plans and forget about the most important thing. The breakfast! Well, guys, you have to learn from the best – the Greeks. Although some Greek people usually make something that’s more like a brunch rather than an early breakfast, they never skip it! Do you remember which are the 4 famous morning foods we talked about last time? Check them out again as you click here. So, here’s 4 more Greek breakfasts that you can start your day with:
  1. Tiganites with honey & walnuts
tiganites That’s a traditional Greek mini pancake. However, tiganites look like doughnuts, or to the very popular loukoumades. By the way, an interesting fact is that it was an Ancient Greek poet who first mentioned this food back in 6th century. He used to describe tiganites in such a way that no one could ever resist this breakfast.
  1. Galatopita
galatopita Basically, that’s the Greek word for milk pie. It’s also quite famous dessert that people enjoy in big amounts. In fact, there’s a rumor that galatopita was the ancient Greek God Hermes’ favorite thing to eat. All in all, you can eat it freshly made or even on the next day. The taste would be the same!
  1. Tiropita
You should definitely have this for breakfast! Tiropita is a traditional Greek cheese pie. They usually make it with feta (of course!), eggs, butter and yoghurt. Sounds like the perfect combination, huh! You’ll find it in any forms – round, triangular, whatever. tiropita
  1. Baklava
OK! We can’t help but mention this heavenly delicious dessert. When it comes to baklava, it doesn’t actually matter if it’s morning, lunch or evening. It’s ‘a must’ at any time! If you don’t know a thing about this food, you can read more here (as it’s one of Greeks’ favorite things to eat!). baklava How do you like to start your days? Drop us a comment so we can share some experience! After that, you’re more than welcome to read more on our Blog: Greek Shrimp Saganaki: a Recipe that Leaves you Speechless 5 Curious Questions about Vegetarians and their Lifestyle ТOP 4 Greek Delicacies That are ‘a Must’


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