4 Things you Need to Know about Greek Metaxa

Ever heard of Metaxa? This drink not called ‘the flying brandy’ for no reason! Many of the ‘big players’ on the market may envy Metaxa’s place among the customers. We’ve prepared 4 curious things about the special drink. Keep reading!
  1. Origin
There’s no big surprise that Metaxa comes from Greece. As a matter of fact, the story dates from 1880 when Spiros Metaxas, a businessman, winemaker and a tavern owner from the island of Kefalonia began to experiment. He started to mix and distil all his wines and that’s how Metaxa came out.
  1. Company symbol
If you’ve noticed the image on every bottle, then you’ve probably wondered what its role is. While the first distillery was being built, the workers there found an ancient coin with a soldier’s face from the Battle of Salamis hewn into it. Spiros thought of this as a good sign and decided to use it as his company’s symbol.
  1. Business growth
Spiros must have been a very active man as he quickly expanded his business. He started exporting for Russia, Bulgaria, Serbia, the Arab world, etc. Did you know Metaxa is the only Greek enterprise that survived both World Wars? After Spiros’ death his two grandsons managed to popularize the brand within the whole world. The drink even became the most imported ware in Germany!
  1. Metaxa and Space?!
“What these two have in common?!”, you may think. Well, in 1985 Metaxa became the first alcoholic drink to have flown and been tasted in Outer space. This event got people’s attention even more and today the brand sells more than 15 million bottles a year in over 60 countries. Its name ‘the flying brandy’ makes sense now, doesn’t it?! You like this article? Tell us what you think in the comments so we can continue the topic. Meanwhile, check out our blog posts about Wine and Ouzo!


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