7 Uncommon Ways to Use Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We’ve all heard of the numerous health benefits of extra virgin olive oil, right? Thanks to its antioxidants and monounsaturated fats this godlike liquid may help prevent different heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, obesity and even cancer. But, hey, who said people are the only ones who can benefit from it?! You might be eager to know some of the most uncommon (but very useful!) ways for you to take advantage of olive oil’s powerful properties.
  1. If you want to have perfectly clean stainless steel cookware, don’t rush to buy new ones! Take a small cotton material and soak it in some olive oil – this will not only clean up the cookware, but it will also protect it from scratches, corrosion and stains.
  2. Another cleaning agent might be a combination between olive oil and lemon juice. This DIY thing guarantees that all your wood furniture (chairs, tables, etc.) will be dust-free and ready to use.
  3. You are one of those cat lovers who have a hairy pet at home? Put 1 teaspoon in your cat’s food daily - this procedure might work against ‘pet hair everywhere’.
  4. Your old leather shoes will be very well impregnated, if you put a fine layer of extra virgin olive oil, wait for 30 minutes and polish them with a woolen fabric. Once you do this, you'll have brand new shoes!olive oil cosmetic
  5. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on expensive cosmetics for hands and feet! Olive oil will definitely do the work! Just massage your upper and lower limbs with it and enjoy the softness of your skin.
  6. Next time you run out of make-up remover, grab some olive oil and rinse your skin. You will probably be thrilled by the results!
  7. You have a door at home that’s always squeaking and annoying you? Sip 1-2 drops of the natural olive oil directly on the hinge and forget about that creepy noise.
Any additional suggestions? Share them with us! Let’s learn together how to live easier and healthier! Meanwhile, browse our other blog posts: 5 Health benefits of Oregano that you (probably) didn’t know! Lemons for Beauty - 4 Cool Things you can do in your House! 5 Alternative Uses of Coffee you Can Try at Home


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