4 Time-Saving Food Gifts to Give for Christmas

“Christmas is coming! Forgive others sins. And be happy!” Yes, this truly is the spirit of the holiday, but sometimes it tends to be rather stressful, don’t you think? All the fuss about choosing the best present for the ones you love and getting up early to prepare everything in advance…Well, it’s just not neccessary anymore!

The ideal way of saving your time is to send some food gifts for Christmas. These are suitable not only for the people that are far away, but also for the ones that you’re gonna celebrate with. All it takes is a little bit of creativity and the help we are going to give you today!

  • Sweets

Something a simple thing as a dessert can definitely turn into an amazing gift. Plus, there are so many choices! For example, you can have the so called Christstollen (or just stollen), which is made of bread with dried fruits, nuts and spices. Put a nice holiday wrap around it and you’re ready! However, because stollens are quite difficult to make and we are aiming at time-saving here, you can always buy one from the store. Easy-peasy!

  • Christmas cookies

Hey, we know it’s sweets again, but cookies must count separately! Some of the best things you can go for are Melomakarona, the honey-dipped cookies we talked about last year, or Kourampiedes. You want an extra holiday touch? Well, then use your imagination and decorate the cookies that you’ve just bought. However, be careful because the little smiley face can easily turn into the Joker with a single wrong move!

  • A basket

You must have seen the variety of Christmas baskets they put on the market, right? In fact, there are such ones for almost any kind of holiday. Good news is that during this time of the year you can find amazing combinations of products that cheer up the holiday mood. Or you can prepare one yourself! Take a basket and fill it with all kinds of sweets, wine, crackers, bruschetti and, of course, don’t forget to put a bottle of high-quality extra virgin olive oil.

  • Fruits

In case you’re more of a traditional person, then pick some of the seasonal fruits and pack them up Christmas-like. Oh, a great idea is to take some dried fruits as well because they are so topical when it comes to Christmas holidays. If you add a bottle of EVOO, this is not only going to become a great present, but it will also say “Stay healthy!” Another thing you can add to these food gifts are cinnamon sticks, wine and a mixture of nuts.

Christmas basket

Which of these ideas suits you the most? Share with us in the comment section down below!

Hellenic Grocery team wishes you Happy Christmas holidays! We will meet you back again very soon!


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