4 Tips for Cooking with Wine

“There comes a time in the day that no matter the question…the answer is wine.” Sounds familiar, huh? Whether it’s white or red, wine is always capable of making our day special. But if you are not that much of a “drinker”, then you have probably come to the point where you wonder what to do with all this wine at home. Here’s something very useful – try cooking with it! Yes, that’s right! When cooked, the alcohol from wine evaporates and what’s left in the dish are the magnificent aroma and the aftertaste! But how to choose the right wine for your meal? Here’s 4 tips that might help:
  1. Stake on the classics
What do we mean? Well, classics in the kitchen is focused on combining white meat (chicken, fish) with white wine and dark meat (like beef) with red wine. Pork is suitable for both types of wine, depending on the results you are aiming at. The more nutritional the meat is, the more intense the wine flavor should be!
  1. Create a synergy between the glass and the plate
A very good advice is to cook with the wine, which you are intending to serve at the table. This will not only make the meal taste better, but it will also be a sure sign you are becoming a MasterChef!
  1. Follow the territorial sign
You feel confused here? Ok, let me clear this up! The wines that originate from a specific region are very well combined with food that comes from the same area. Have you ever noticed that the Italian sort Pinot Grigio usually goes with Italian cheese like Ricotta, Mozzarella, etc.? Try mixing Greek products with Greek wine and so on, and you will be surprised by the results! 
  1. Combine bread with wine
You cannot mistaken here! Bread (especially if it’s homemade) and wine is a combination known since ages and is considered “A Holy gift” in orthodoxy. Even in the Ancient times people have gathered together because of those two components! The best choice here might be red or sparkling wine. After all this said, wine can be used pretty much with everything – in soups, sauces and others; for lamb, pork, fish, chicken, etc. But remember, the most important thing is to put a pinch of love in the plate! Plus, don't forget you can get the best Wines from Greece from Hellenic Grocery by clicking here!


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