5 Alternative Uses of Coffee you Can Try at Home

Do you know what coffee and best friends have in common? Well, for both it’s true that, “no matter what, you can always count on it to be there whenever you need it most”. In fact, coffee is one of the most popular morning (and not only!) drinks, which is consumed all over the world! Especially in Greece, Greek coffee is a must to start the day! For those who consider themselves ‘coffee experts’, here’s a thing – there are many ways to use coffee except for drinking! Actually, it has a lot of practical applications, so let’s check them out:
  1. Exfoliate your skin
This one was easy to guess, right? The hard particles of the coffee act as an exfoliating agent, which helps clean up the dead skin. What’s more, because of caffeine’s powerful antioxidant properties you can easily protect your skin from sunburn! This ingredient also makes your blood circulation better, which treats cellulite, varicose veins and other conditions. 
  1. Stimulate hair-growth
Here applies the same rule! As caffeine increases the blood flow, this stimulates your hair to grow faster. All you have to do is to take a handful of coffee grounds and gently massage your scalp before using shampoo. Do this 1-2 times per week and you will definitely feel the difference!
  1. Get your pet rid of fleas
Fleas are a common problem when it comes to our furry friends, but here’s an easy and cheap way to treat them: use coffee to grind your pet’s fur after you have bathed it with shampoo. Fleas will freak out as they hate coffee!
  1. Neutralize the smells
Because of the nitrogen content coffee is able to absorb bad smells. This way you can use it for whatever you need to! For example, you can put a bowl with coffee in the fridge to get rid of the ‘smelly’ products. A nice trick is for you to rib your hands with some coffee after you’ve sliced garlic or onion!
  1. Fertilize your garden
Yes, you read it right! You can now provide your plants with the soil nutrients they need as you spread some coffee leftovers over them. The black liquid consists of nitrogen, calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium and other minerals that are vital to the soil! Greek Coffee grains If you like this article, let us know so we can prepare some other interesting stuff about coffee and its use! Plus, if you miss your Greek Coffee, don't forget to check out the Coffee section of Hellenic Grocery!


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