4 Traditional Greek Goodies you Must Try – Part 2

It’s been a long time since we last talked about the favorite Greek desserts that we all love! How it all started? Check out in our Part 1 article here! Anyways, Greek goodies are always a topic we cannot resist. And how could it be otherwise?! You know how it is: „Му problem isn’t that I have a sweet tooth. It’s that I have several of them!” Attention! The following desserts will tempt even the sweetest sweet tooth, so be aware!
  1. Portokalopita
Also popular as Greek orange cake to the rest of the world, Portokalopita is one of the fanciest desserts you could ever get. So fluffy and flavorful, this cake combines the flavors from oranges and cinnamon. Does it smell like Christmas already? Portokalopita
  1. Baklava
Oh, just how many times we have mentioned baklava! You should be either sick of this dessert, or, on the contrary, you might be already in love with it. Baklava is a representation of the Balkan desserts. OK, some say it’s super sweet, which it is! However, in combination with the phyllo sheets that hide the nuts in between…it makes all the sweetness worth it! Greek baklava
  1. Galaktoboureko
This traditional Greek pie, or milk pie, is mostly made of … milk. However, there’s also lots of butter, cream and, last but not least, sweet syrup. Some prefer to have it cold, but (to be honest) few are those who can wait this long! Galaktoboureko
  1. Kataifi
Together with baklava, kataifi is also popular along the Balkans. Countries like Turkey and Bulgaria also have this dessert as a traditional one and people just adore it! It’s like a sweet spaghetti, so to say. With its delicate center, kataifi is first baked in the oven and then poured with flavorful sweet syrup. Just like many other goodies, there are also some nuts like almonds or walnuts on top. Greek kataifi Which is you favorite Greek dessert so far? Be sure to drop us a comment down below! And of course, don’t forget to check our Desserts by clicking here!


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