2 Tricks you Can use When Cooking with Honey (+Bonus Recipe)

There are hundreds of articles on how bad honey can be when heated and how your health will worsen if…If, if, if! We all know that this bee product is not to be treated under very high temperatures, of course. It’s a well-known fact that this way honey can lose its healthy properties and act simply as sugar. However, there are a few fine points that all dare-devils should know before cooking with honey. If you master these, you will not only have a healthy meal, but you will also get great results in the end. Keep reading!
  1. Honey likes spices
In general, the all-time-favorite product tends to get food crispy. This is good! However, you can add an extra pinch of flavors by combining honey with spices. For example, when marinating meat you can simply cover it with both honey and some herbs. This way you will get an amazing crunchy golden crust that’s also super delicious. Let’s go marinade! meat with honey
  1. It has higher acidity

However strange it may sound to you, this sweet product may get a bit tart in case you go too far with it. Putting too much into your meal might cause heart-burn and some other unpleasant conditions. That’s why we would advise you to always go for the balance! Try to combine honey with alkaline products, especially when your recipe requires also things like yoghurt or cream.

Here comes the fun part! We chose a very classic and yet super tasty recipe that can do the work for any occasion. Let’s check it out! So, for this wonderful recipe for Honey garlic ribs you will need: 1,5kg pork ribs 40-50ml soy sauce 4-5tbsp honey 4tbsp vinegar 2-3 garlic cloves Honey garlic ribs Start by pressing up the garlic cloves. Then mix them with the honey, soy sauce and the vinegar. Stir well. Use this mixture to cover the ribs and let them stay like this for half an hour in the fridge. And now here’s the tricky part – baking! Preheat the oven and when ready, place a large baking tin full of water onto the lowest shelf to create steam. Put the meat directly onto the grill above the water. This procedure will definitely get you the best results! (By the way, don’t forget to share those with us, guys!) Wondering where to buy enough honey from? Be sure to get our Honey for cooking by clicking here!


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