5 Greek Christmas Food Traditions You Shouldn’t Miss

Christmas holidays are some of the most special occasions for the Christians all over the world. For the Greek people that means family time, laughter and a lot of food on the table! All kinds of meals that are usually passed from generation to generation are thoroughly prepared and served by the housewives. Here are 5 of the most popular Christmas dishes from the festive day:
  1. Christ’s bread, a.k.a. χριστόψωμο, is a holy tradition in many Greek homes. The reason is simple. The more care you put into making this bread, the more blessed this family will be in the following year! This is why the housewives use only the purest and most expensive ingredients for its preparation.
  2. Avgolemono is basically a chicken and rice soup. People season it with the very famous Greek sauce - lemon juice and eggs (that’s where the name “avgolemono“ comes from).
  3. If you’ve missed to try baklava, a classic Greek pastry made of dough sheets layered with cinnamon and nuts filling and dipped into heavenly sweet syrup, then you definitely have to check it out! What’s more, as this sweet contains neither dairy products, nor eggs, you can easily have some even the night before the Christmas fast ends. baklava
  4. Yiaprakia (γιαπράκια) is what the traditional Greek stuffed cabbage is called. Although there are many variations of this meal, there is no Greek family that doesn’t have it in any way during the Christmas holidays. The most famous recipe – the Kozani version – represents cabbage leaves soaked in pickle for 6 weeks and then stuffed with pork. You have to try it!
  5. What would be a holiday without more than one sweet temptation?! The famous Melomakarona and Kourampiedes cookies are something that a Christmas table in Greece will never miss! The honey-dipped melomakarona and the buttery-almond kourampiedes are so delicious that they have become part of the menu not only at Christmas, but also during other special occasions!
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