5 Reasons Why you Should Eat Okra (+Bonus Tip)

When was the last time you ate okra? This vegetable is full of vitamins (A, C, E), proteins, healthy fats, fibers and minerals, so…you do the math. You can definitely benefit a lot from all these things, right?! So, here’s 5 reasons why you should eat okra:
  1. Gives energy
All the amazing properties of okra (mostly carbohydrates and vitamins) are able to give you tons of energy. Hence, having much energy means what? Less tiredness, of course! The fibers present in okra contribute to the slow energy release, which will keep you fresh throughout the whole day.
  1. Controls diabetes
Journal of Pharmacy and Bioallied Sciences’ research proves that okra can help you fight against diabetes. The results: diabetic rats that were fed with okra for 28 days had a significant reduction in the blood sugar levels in comparison to the control group. Scientists claim that this is due to the high fiber content in the veggie, which tends to stabilize the blood sugar levels. Hurray!
  1. Promotes healthy kidneys
Are you aware that regular consumption of okra might reduce the risk of kidney diseases? Thanks to its detoxifying effects, the antioxidants and minerals in the green vegetable you may enjoy good kidney health. Let’s not forget that lots of kidney diseases are caused namely by diabetes. Rings a bell, right?
  1. Reduces cholesterol
Scientific data shows that okra, alongside of apples and cinnamon, can be a powerful ally against high cholesterol. Again, the antioxidants and fibers are the main suspects here! They are said to cleanse the plaque within the vessels and thus reduce cholesterol levels in the blood.
  1. Treats respiratory problems
Luckily, this veggie can also help you treat asthma and other respiratory issues. That’s because it’s super rich in vitamin C, which can be great against such problems. okra's health benefits So, a promise is a promise! Our bonus tip for you is on how to make okra water (such a booster!). And here it is: Use a sharp knife to make holes in the okra. Put the veggie in a jar and cover it with water. Leave the vegetable for 8 to 24 hours (max). Then squeeze the okra so it can release all of its beneficial properties. Throw it away and enjoy your healthy water! Have you tried okra water? Expect more interesting articles about health & diet! Shop from our vegetable category as you click here!


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