5 Health Conditions that Beetroot might Help you with

Do you enjoy eating beetroot? If you are one of the many people who tend to overlook its wonderful properties, here’s something that can make you reconsider. Beetroot is an amazing vegetable that was used even by Hippocrates to treat different diseases. The Ancient Greeks and Romans ate this veggie to reduce the high body temperature. What’s more, according to the Chinese medicine beetroot can strengthen the heart, balance the body and purify the blood. OK, let’s get to the essence here. Wanna know what conditions the red vegetable is good for? Keep reading!
  1. Liver and gallbladder problems
It’s said that beetroot’s purifying properties might help for treating liver toxicity or gallbladder diseases like jaundice, hepatitis, food poisoning, diarrhea, vomiting. The vegetable contains betaine, which can make protein absorption and liver functioning much easier. However, doctors warn to be very careful when drinking beetroot juice. You should start with lower dosages of 50ml beetroot juice in combination with 250ml carrot juice. With time you can gradually add more and more of the beetroot juice. beetroot juice
  1. Hypertonia
Regular consumption of the red veggie might be effective against high blood pressure. Specialists suggest the following: mix a cup of beetroot juice and a cup of honey. Then take 1 tablespoon of this healing mixture 3 to 4 times a day.
  1. Atherosclerosis
Luckily, this amazing red vegetable can dissolve the inorganic calcium accumulations that lead to hardening the arteries and lower elasticity. What it can also improve is your memory! If these conditions sound familiar to you, the recipe is just like the one for hypertonia.
  1. Diabetes
Beetroot is very rich in magnesium, flavonoids, iodine, zinc, sodium and other natural nitrates. Thanks to the zinc content it can be beneficial for people with diabetes. If diabetic patients eat it on a daily basis, they will be surprised by the results.
  1. Thyroid gland issues
As you probably know, iodine is very important when it comes to the thyroid gland – an organ, which is responsible for our health as a whole. The high iodine content in beetroot might help the therapy for people with thyroid disorders. To be continued… Do you want to add something? Don’t hesitate and do it in the comment section now! Also, read more health topics on our blog: 10 Reasons why Tangerines are Great during the Summer Oil Pulling – Read What Happens When You Do It All you Need to Know about St. John’s Wort (+A Curative Recipe)


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