Enjoy a Nice Summer Evening with these 2 Salad Recipes

What is Greek dinner without a salad, cheese, Ouzo and a good company? Summer is the time when we can spend our long evenings with friends and family and enjoy a tasty meal. In fact, Greek cuisine is full of surprises. Read this article to convince yourself! Some of the most popular dishes are souvlaki, tiganita, gyros and many more. However, salads are also not to be underestimated as they are very rich and delicious! Have you tried making a salad with mayonnaise? Here’s our list of 2 salads that will make you love them:
  1. Chicken-mayo salad
chicken-mayo salad Ingredients: 200g chicken 2 eggs 6-7x mushrooms 1x onion 7-8x dried plums 1x cucumber Mayonnaise Start with boiling the chicken. In another stew pan cook the 2 eggs and let them stay aside. Fry the mushrooms, then take them out with a spoon and in the same cookware fry the onion until golden. Meanwhile, soak the plums in hot water for 15min. When the chicken is ready, cut it into slices. Do the same with the cucumber. Take a salad bowl and place the products in the following order: plums, mayonnaise, mushrooms and onion, again mayo, chicken, more mayo, eggs, cucumber and on top – mayonnaise, of course. So full of flavors!
  1. Mimosa salad
mimosa salad Ingredients: 2x potatoes 1x beet 2x pickled cucumbers 2x carrots Spring onion 2x onions 3x eggs Canned tuna 300-400g mayonnaise Boil the potatoes together with the beet and the carrots. Be careful not to overcook the veggies! When they are ready, grate them in separate plates. In another cooking pan boil the eggs. Separate the yolk from the white. Grate the latter and leave the yolk for the final touch. Cut the onions in slices, the cucumbers – into cubes. Start arranging the salad as you put mayo after each layer of products. On the bottom place tuna, then the egg whites, onion, cucumbers, beet, carrots and potatoes. Don’t forget to put a ‘big fat layer’ of mayo on top and season with the green onions and crumbled yolk. Yummy! Last but not least, never leave a salad like this without a glass of Greek Ouzo or some vodka as a company! Bon appetite and have great summer evenings! Check out our store to find Greek foods & drinks of all kinds as you click here!


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